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Enjoy monthly coaching calls with Emily

  • Get your questions answered in real time on the calls
  • Learn advanced concepts from the Vedas
  • Connect with hundreds of like minded meditators from around the world (it’s hard to be the only one in your community)
  • Listen to the archive of monthly calls. It’s like a podcast made especially for your practice

What you’ll get


zivaINSIDER Coaching Calls

Get notified when group coaching calls are happening so you can join live. We will also send you the recordings to learn on your own time.


zivaONLINE Training Videos

Each time you revisit the zivaONLINE training videos, you’ll hear things you never realized you missed. We recommend moving through the 15 days at least 2-3 times.


Access to Meditator-only Content

Inside your Ziva membership area, get curated videos and exercises to enhance your practice.


Profound Accountability to the Practice and Yourself

Meditation doesn’t work if you quit. This community and the coaching calls will keep you committed.

Become a zivaINSIDER

Deepen your connection to the practice, other meditators and yourself.

Monthly zivaINSIDER Membership

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zivaINSIDERS are saying…

I love the membership and having access to all the recordings. It’s a blessing! I got back on the wagon yesterday and oh boy, the effects on my state of mind have been immediate. I am less stressed, more grounded, and in peace with myself and others. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Director of Sales

I love the teaching Emily gives at the beginning of every coaching call. I always find something valuable in it. I also find that listening to other people’s questions and comments about their meditation practices, plus Emily’s answers to these questions, really help me cement my own meditation practice.


I recently completed the course again as a refresher. I got so much out of it! I highly recommend doing this if you can.

SVP, Business Development

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