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Deepen Community, Unlock Advanced Knowledge & Evolve Into Your Highest Self

Get Your First Month Free



Deepen Community, Unlock Advanced Knowledge & Evolve Into Your Highest Self

Get Your First Month Free

Your life (& the world) will never be the same…

The Membership is for Ziva Meditators who want to continue their personal development journey with monthly meditations, coaching, exercises, live events & member perks. It’s for you if you’re ready for a life full of learning, healing and full-blown bliss.

For the first time in Ziva history, Emily is unlocking consciousness-expanding, life-altering lessons she’s learned from:

The Vedas

Therapy & Coaching



Sacred Sexuality

The Vedas

Therapy &



Sacred Sexuality

& collaborating with some of the world’s foremost wellness experts
(who also happen to be her very best friends)

Build Connection

Join this global movement of folks stepping into the best and brightest version of themselves. Find connection with thousands of Ziva Meditators from around the world who are committed to less stress & more joy.

Expand Your Consciousness

Get advanced teachings that will transform how you see yourself and how you move through the world. And then put what you learn to good use as our global community uplevels the collective.

Find the Answers

What are your biggest questions about the messiness of being human? All month long, get exclusive coaching & support from Emily and our Ziva Guides. Ask your burning questions about your practice, the Vedas or your own life.

The Ziva Technique defragged your brain computer.
The Membership is what you do with it.

If your daily Ziva Technique practice is systematically cleaning up and optimizing your brain and body, The Membership is the most cutting-edge “software” on the planet.

How do you want to move, think, love and contribute
in our world?

Each month in The Membership, we’ll select a compelling topic and curate cutting-edge teachings drawing on Emily’s enormous wealth of knowledge across ancient philosophy, neuroscience, therapeutic modalities and more.

As a global community, we’ll dive into learning, healing and transforming TOGETHER. We’ll cover all areas of our lives, like

  • Cultivating Easy Magic in the Everyday
  • Leaning into Abundance
  • Nourishing Your Body
  • Awakening to Your Purpose
  • Discovering Extraordinary Joy
  • Healing Generational Trauma
  • Embracing Sex and Ecstasy

It’s time to address your fears, speak your dreams, and achieve everything you’ve ever wanted…

Who will you become
when you choose yourself?

Here’s what you get each month in
The Membership

Each month, we’ll select a theme to expand your consciousness and propel your personal development journey. We’ll learn and grow as a global community dedicated to our best selves and loving and supporting each other all the way.


Enjoy Exclusive Access To Emily

Come together for a live event where Emily will lead you through a global meditation, teach advanced concepts from the Vedas and offer custom coaching. Break into intimate groups to further integrate your new knowledge & unpack how to use it in real life. Plus, you’ll get recordings of each live call and enjoy the full archive.

Included in The Membership


Activate Your Bliss

Each month, we’ll be sharing some powerful ways that you can embody the month’s theme. You can do these on your own time in just a few minutes. You can even make it a party with your friends.

Included in The Membership


Expand Your Knowledge & Skills

As a Ziva Member, you have access to all live Ziva Workshops with Emily and guest experts. Explore advanced teachings & learn practical tools to uplevel your relationships, career, sex and beyond. Plus, only members will receive the recordings in a private archive.

Included in The Membership


Deepen Your Knowledge

Enjoy curated content specific to your Ziva journey. It’ll answer questions such as:
How do I know if I’m following charm?
Should I meditate or exercise first?
What do I do if I don’t know what to manifest?

Included in The Membership


Enjoy So Many Fun Perks

As a Ziva Member, you receive exclusive discounts when the cart opens on our advanced courses like zivaLIVE & Moving into Mastery. Plus, you’ll get special offers from Ziva’s preferred partners for holistic health and wellness. The value of these gifts total over $500.

Included in The Membership

Total Value for ONE MONTH of The Membership: $997

YOUR PRICE: only $47/month

Get Started Now

Choose The Membership That’s Right For You

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What People Are Saying About The Membership

“I now allow myself to operate on a bigger playing field.”

  • the business I own with my husband is now booming
  • I’ve worked through difficult situations in my life that I normally would have ignored
  • I have repaired so many rocky relationships

I am not the same person that I was when I started this journey.

What I’ve learned in this membership has expanded the progress I was already making with my daily Ziva Technique practice. They wove together for me and it’s made all the difference.”

Registered Nurse

I love the membership and having access to all the recordings. It’s a blessing! I got back on the wagon yesterday and oh boy, the effects on my state of mind have been immediate. I am less stressed, more grounded, and in peace with myself and others. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Director of Sales

Just listening to the most recent coaching call and found answers to some of the issues I myself had been stumbling over! It’s amazing how illuminating it is just listening to the explanations Emily gives. Have been left with the feeling that parts of the jigsaw are starting to fit together and just slot effortlessly into place! It’s so inspiring listening into these monthly teachings – thank you!

Biomedical Engineer

With this membership, my practice has become this nourishing force that allows me to be more rested, productive, and in tune with other people and myself. In short, the technique coupled with these teachings leads you to effortlessly become the better, more expanded version of yourself. If you have even an ounce of curiosity about it, give yourself this gift.

SVP, Business Development

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