[WATCH] Meditation and Mental Health

It’s time to start thinking about brain health the same way we do our physical health.

We all know the feeling of being down in the dumps. After all, who hasn’t experienced feeling run-down, stressed and depleted? But it’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and at Ziva, we think it’s a great time to prioritize your mental health needs.

And it’s time we start taking our mental health seriously. After all, 1 in 5 people in the U.S. are affected by anxiety disorders. This, coupled with the fact that 90% of doctor visits are caused by stress, proves it: we have a mental health crisis on our hands. 

The problem? Mental health is often perceived and cared for differently than physical health. It’s less tangible and can be difficult to pinpoint or define. For example, if you broke your arm, you’d take immediate action. You can clearly see the problem and have an idea how to get it fixed.

Mental health is a different beast. After all, anxiety, depression and other conditions can be harder to spot and it’s not always clear how to treat them. Plus, the stigma around mental health keeps many people from seeking help or acknowledging that they’re sick in the first place.

But it’s time to start thinking about brain health the same way we do our physical health. 

In this Facebook Live, Emily discusses mental health and meditation. She offers some practical tips for getting out of overwhelm and ways to optimize your daily routine for brain health.

Then, she asks the audience a few vital questions that she says you should ask yourself if you’re feeling anxious or depressed. They’re simple, but they’re effective:

1. Did I exercise today? 
2. Did I get any sunlight?
3. Am I hydrated?
4. Am I eating enough vegetables and raw fats to help fuel my brain?
5. Am I meditating?

Of course, there’s so much more to caring for your mental health than these 5 things, but they’re a great touchstone to make sure we don’t forget the basics (water + sun). We’re basically houseplants with more complex emotions.

Check out this video where Emily discusses these concepts and so much more about mental health and meditation:

PS. The live stream cut out a few times, but we pasted it together for easy viewing. We hope this video inspires you to start taking control of your mental health. Meditation, exercise, gratitude and sunlight are all amazing tools in caring for your brain.

Disclaimer: Emily is not a doctor and this is not meant as medical advice. We acknowledge that many people are dealing with intense healing and need face-to-face support. Let’s use all the tools available to us so we can feel our best.

Everyone’s mental health journey is unique, but it’s time we start prioritizing our mental health needs. Think of this as step 1.

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