Moving into Mastery: Advanced Course for zivaGRADS

When our amazing zivaGRADS finish learning to meditate with us it’s usually just a couple months before we start hearing from them. “What’s next?” gets whispered at group meditations, “Can I learn more?” messages come through our voicemail, “How do I keep going?” inquiries storm our email inbox. We want to let you know that we hear you guys; we hear you loud and clear.

Today we are thrilled to introduce Moving into Mastery, the digital course available exclusively to graduates of our meditation training, that will radically uplevel 8 key areas of your life. Do you remember during the course how Emily explains that you should think of your Ziva Meditation practice as a hardware upgrade? Mastery will build upon that foundation beautifully, and is a major software upgrade.

Last year, Ziva’s founder Emily Fletcher went on a transformative journey to develop expansive knowledge and cutting-edge expertise. She recruited a neuroscientist, a life coach, a biohacker, a financial expert, a world-renowned poet and more to divulge their most guarded strategies. And we recorded every second of it, for you.

Tune in below to hear Emily’s take on this exciting new course..

We are so thrilled to make this knowledge available to our community, truly the most comprehensive and impactful Advanced Training in Ziva’s history. A way to make your wildest dreams your everyday reality.

What you’ll get:

Seven Life-changing Intensive Learning Modules (Foundation Training plus Relationships, Body, Brain, Money, Purpose, Performance & Creativity, Time). Each intensive is unique — ranging in length from 3.5 to 6.5 hours — but all blend neuroscience, ancient wisdom, performance techniques, life coaching, positive psychology and experiential learning for maximum impact and effect.

Private Coaching Community: Join a private, online community led by Emily and the zivaTEAM to answer your questions and encourage you on this life-changing journey.


-A streaming audio version of every video lesson for easy listening on the go
-Downloadable worksheets for Mastering Your Brain, Money, and Body
-Downloadable audio visualizations for Mastering Your Creativity, Purpose, Brain & Time
-A quiz to determine your Ayurvedic dosha, or body type, in Mastering Your Body
-Writing exercises & homework to put your new knowledge into action
-Tons of suggested reading, listening & watching
-Emily and the experts’ best tools and resources for everything from supplements to time management.
-Top notch customer service from the experienced meditators on our team.
-An unconditional 3-day money back guarantee. Dip your toe in to make sure Mastery is a fit for you without any risk.

We are so excited to share this with you. Learn more about Moving into Mastery here.

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