NBC: How Meditation Helps Fight Depression

It’s what meditators have long known: meditation is an incredible depression-fighting tool. And while depression affects millions of Americans, NBC’s Nightly News reported recently that meditation can play a part in treating or preventing the condition without medicine or even a doctor’s visit.

Meditation and Running

Now, new research suggests combining meditation with running in your weekly routine to help fight depression. Both meditation and running boost the brain’s hippocampus, which controls depression, so the combo shows exciting results. In the study cited by NBC, 40% of those with depression reported fewer symptoms, felt happier and more social after 8 weeks of both running and practicing meditation.

The best part is, neither require special equipment and once you learn how, you can do either nearly anywhere.

Meditation and Depression

But there’s more that meditation does in the brain to keep depression at bay. Not only does it provide the body with deep rest and have a calming, confidence-boosting effect, but meditation actually increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These “bliss chemicals” manage and monitor pleasure, mood and social behavior. In fact, because of this, a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that meditation helps heal depression and anxiety about as effectively as antidepressants.

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