Emily Live on How to Forgive a Public Figure

Oftentimes we don't realize how much that energy we're giving is keeping us from achieving our dreams.

As we explore the Power of Forgiveness today we are talking about how to forgive a public figure. We are excited to share a recording from a powerful Facebook Live session with Ziva Meditation founder, Emily Fletcher.

Lately it seems like there’s plenty to be angry about, and though that anger is justified, it’s not doing you any good to hold on to. Hear Emily’s tips on how to best move through the discomfort so you can flourish in every area of your life, experience The Power of Forgiveness exercise, and even a live Q & A with members of the Ziva Community (click to join!).

Check out the video below to hear:

– Why this exercise is important no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on (2:00)
– How vital stepping into forgiveness is this time of year (9:30)
– A guided visualization The Power of Forgiveness live with Emily (14:00)

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