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Discover the art of mindfulness with 3 days of Ziva training

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Test Drive Meditation for Extraordinary Performance

What to expect:

  • Learn how to practice the first M of The Ziva Technique: mindfulness
  • Understand the neuroscience of stress and how it’s affecting your brain and body
  • Learn the difference between Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Walk away with two powerful techniques to use any time you feel stressed. The 2x Breath and Come to Your Senses.

What you’ll get:

3-day Mindfulness Training

Learn 2 powerful mindfulness tools you’ll be able to use on your own, anytime.

Guided Audio for Deep Sleep

Listen to our favorite sleep inducing guided visualization to slip quickly into deep, restful Zzzz’s.

Results in only 3 Days

Day 1

I woke up very rested after the first day of the course and got to work early instead of rushing to make it barely on time.


Day 2

On Day 2, I got the family ready to go to the cafe. I realized something: My mind was not anxiously racing like usual. I was present and aware of everything around me.

Film Editor

Day 3

I am a complete newbie to all of this, but after just 3 days I am loving the difference. I used the breathing technique last night to calm myself in an extremely irritating and stressful situation. Worked perfectly!

Site Supervisor

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