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What Does a Week-Long Private Intensive with Emily Look Like?

A weeklong intensive with Emily Fletcher, aka the best f*king week of your entire life, aka an opportunity to get 20 years of mastery-level tools, keys, codes and gifts — all compressed into one week. 

Imagine having access to 20 years worth of not only study, but also direct experience and transmissions of the core wisdom of the Vedas. Imagine a week of meditation with one of the leading meditation experts in the world.

Emily brings a full medicine bag of tools from her intensive training with masters in meditation, sacred sexuality, emotional clearing, manifesting and a variety of disciplines.

In this weeklong intensive, Emily will help you unlock the full power of your sexuality and lifeforce — which you can use as rocket fuel for manifesting, healing and actualizing the highest and best version of yourself.

Emily intuitively leverages her decade’s worth of tools to deliver precisely the practice or insight that you need on your specific journey in the moment. 

By the end of the week you will have being able to:

  • Supercharge your meditation practice and take it to new depths of understanding
  • Re-write your trauma stories by accessing your past and future self, healing your inner child in the process
  • Learn a sex magic practice that will train you to connect a peak state of elevated emotion to your vision, becoming more in touch with your body and a magnet for your dreams
  • Use your pleasure practice to make you a better lover, human and creator.

Emily accepts just 6 private clients a year

Apply now to engage in a week-long intensive anywhere in the world. Each intensive starts at $100k. Clients must fill out an application and have a virtual screening call with Emily prior to booking

Week-Long Private Intensive

For if you want to really take things to the next level.

Emily takes 6 private clients a year to engage in a private week-long intensive anywhere in the world. Each intensive starts at $100k.

Intensive curriculum varies per client but can include training in the Ziva Technique, sacred sexuality and more.

Clients must fill out an application and have a virtual screening call with Emily prior to booking.

Want a taste of private coaching?

Emily offers 1 hour private consultations where you can:

  • Spend a few minutes identifying the issue and a lot of time on the solution.
  • Laser in on a specific area you are looking to up-level in your life.
  • Learn emotional clearing tools to help resolve problems, or perhaps more importantly, learn not to create them.
  • Refine your meditation practice if needed.
  • Develop a clear path forward.

Testimonial from AUbrey

Aubrey Marcus

CEO, Parsley Health

Emily’s unique blend of ancient knowledge, neurological and technological knowledge is mind-blowing. I can say, with absolute certainty, that she has changed my life.

Jared Matthew Weiss

Founder at Touchpoint

Ziva was a huge part of my mental and spiritual training camp. I’m so much happier now than I used to be. Emily played a huge part in making that happen. It’s been awesome.

Larry Sanders

Former NBA Player

One of the things that I always teach is that tools are very secondary. We live in an information age, you can get tools anywhere. It’s the transmission that matters. It’s WHO the teacher is.

I’ve tried so many times to incorporate a daily meditation practice but I always failed to commit. After I was initiated by Emily, I finally developed my own Ziva practice. That was almost a year ago and now I meditate every day.

Layla Martin

Neuroscientist, Stanford University

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