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Life Before & After Ziva Meditation

Your Teacher


Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva, the creator of The Ziva Technique and regarded as the leading expert in meditation for high performance. The New York Times, The Today Show, Vogue and ABC News have all featured Emily’s work. She’s been named one of the top 100 women in wellness to watch, has taught more than 9,000 students around the world and has spoken on meditation for performance at Google, Harvard Business School, Summit Series, Viacom, Wanderlust Festival & The Omega Center. Ziva graduates include Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winners, as well as NBA players, CEOs, busy parents, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.  

After years of teaching thousands of people, Emily realized that meditation was not enough to help her students perform at the top of their personal and professional game. In 2017, Emily developed The Ziva Technique: a powerful trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting designed to unlock your full potential. The proven benefits of The Ziva Technique include decreased stress, less anxiety, deeper sleep, improved immune function, increased productivity and extraordinary performance.

emily fletcher

How Meditation Can Help You


45% of women in the US take anti-anxiety or anti-depressants. JAMA Internal Medicine found that meditation helps heal depression and anxiety about as effectively as antidepressants. It floods the brain with dopamine & serotonin.


Harvard researchers estimate that 60-90% of doctor’s visits are caused by stress. Meditation is the single most powerful stress relieving tool available by natural means. Getting stressed is not bad for you, staying stressed is toxic.

Better Sex 

Because what woman has ever said, “I had the hottest sex last night with this guy who looked WAY older than his age, had a slamming pot belly and was totally distracted the whole time”? Less stress = Better Sex.


When the body is in “fight or flight” mode, mental capacity decreases. Meditation reduces stress and allows you to perform at the top of your game.


Meditation can help relieve the intensity, frequency and duration of migraines. Migraines tend to be 3 hrs shorter for meditators and happen 1.4 times less frequently.


In a recent study of meditation for people with ADHD, 78% of participants reported a reduction in total ADHD symptoms, with 30% reporting at least a 30% symptom reduction. For adults, significant reductions in depressive and anxiety symptoms were reported.


50% of adults suffer from insomnia a few nights a week. Meditation gives you a custom designed time to get rid of stress in the body, so you can use your sleep as a time for sleep.


Meditation makes the body less acidic, which can increase your fertility. If you are not looking to get pregnant, then please take care. We are having zivaBABIES popping up all over the place.

How Meditation Helped Them

"I used to think, 'I can't ever quiet my mind, how can I learn to meditate?' After taking the Ziva course, I know that even if I'm having thoughts, it's still working. Now meditation is part of my daily ritual. People have noticed a change: they say, 'you look so radiant!'"

-Jenna Dewan Host and Actor 

"Emily’s approach to meditation is the most effective form of meditation I’ve practiced. It's also simple and achievable. The combo of the two has me hooked. I am so grateful for this practice. It primes me for the day. I can really notice a difference in my focus. Emily really gets how tough it is for us to find the time to meditate yet here I am, making the time, because I now know how it’s improving my life."

-Ryan Weiss Life Coach

“Since I started meditation, I have noticed an incredible shift in my perspective. I’m more calm when stressors come my way, I easily detach from previous bad feelings, I'm more energized in what I do, and feel more in tune with the world around me. Emily's instruction and shine has made the journey an incredible one and I wouldn't trade her or the practice for the world.”

-Stacy London Fashion Expert, What Not to Wear & The View 

"What’s so nice about this meditation is that it adapts to what your body actually needs. It’s a practice that’s flexible, and individual to each person. Since I began meditating I think more clearly, I am much more alert, and I look forwards to my twice a day respite."

-Vinnie Miliano Running Coach, Triathlete