Relaxation Day: The zivaTEAM Shares Self-Care Tips

Happy National Relaxation Day! In honor of this totally made up day, the zivaTEAM is sharing our favorite ways to relax. Because we think everyday should be National Relaxation Day.

Plus we’re passing along one of our favorite guided meditations for you to use anytime you need a little help winding down (see below).


Laura Sills – Director of Operations

My favorite self-care ritual is walking around the city and taking photos. Photography was my first true love, and always feels like coming home.

In the warmer months in NYC, I carve out time to get to the beach. Putting my feet in the sand and listening to the ocean is nostalgic and always gives me perspective.

A quicker pick-me-up that I love is a good face mask, or ideally a facial at Pratima or Joanna Vargas. And finally, nothing compares to cracking open a new book for the first time and diving into another world.

Ali McCabe – Marketing and Communications Coordinator

My favorite self-care practice (besides meditating) is working out. Taking a yoga class, HIIT, strength training or dancing helps me feel more present the rest of the day and reminds me of how FUN it is to move my body.

I also love to indulge in my skincare routine. I recently completely switched to a non-toxic regimen and I love the ritual of caring for my skin. It feels luxurious and reminds me to take time for me.

Zara Louy – zivaHEALTH Coach and Customer Success Team

Taking a hip hop class for me every week is a non-negotiable. It helps me get out of my head and laugh more. I also love a nice face mask and beach walks with friends.

Liza Fernandez – Customer Success Manager

Netflix and chill; A walk with my dog – Jackie Robinson; laughing; Korean Day Spa; A face mask; sex(!); heating a rice pad and putting it on my shoulders; going to bed early; reading a book.

Emily Fletcher – Chief Meditation Officer, Founder of Ziva

Delegation. In addition to my non-negotiable, 2x a day meditation, the best thing I have done to optimize my health, sanity and performance is learn to delegate. Anything that is not in my zone of genius, or that I genuinely don’t enjoy doing, I have gotten creative on ways to delegate.

This was hard for me at first as a recovering control freak, but once I trust someone and realize that the task is in their zone of genius then I can feel good knowing I am empowering (and often employing) others. This way I can spend my increasingly precious time on the things that can make the biggest impact in the world. You really don’t have to do it all yourself, I promise.


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