The world needs meditation now more than ever. Are you interested in learning how to teach this powerful practice? Ziva will offer a comprehensive 15 month teacher training in the future.

This training is open to graduates of the Ziva Meditation In-Person Course who have been meditating for at least one year by the start of training.

There are 2 tiers of training: zivaGUIDES and zivaMASTERS

Becoming a zivaGUIDE only takes a few months and will qualify you to lead group meditations, group rounding, and guided visualizations for outside events.

zivaMASTERS are full blown initiators who will graduate true meditation masters with the ability to teach the full 4 day meditation intensive with puja and mantras.  There will be the potential to teach at Ziva and the freedom to teach on your own.

The pre-requisite for both is taking our full four-day zivaLIVE course, followed by Moving Into Mastery, our advanced series of 7 intensives to help you master certain areas of your life. Once you complete Moving Into Mastery you can apply to start the full teacher training. You will be guided through a personal and professional transformation as you take time to do deep inner work and dive into the origins of this practice. There will be a combination of retreats, home study, apprenticeship, and academic work. We will meet twice a month: once in person and once via phone. All Ziva teacher trainees will be required to attend at least two Rounding retreats in addition to an intensive at home rounding program.

Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation, will be leading this comprehensive journey. Emily has taught over 20,000 students to meditate. She adds her lifetime of performance training to her teaching style to make it fun, elegant, and engaging.

More about Emily here.

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About Teacher Training

  • Part 1= Become a zivaGUIDE qualified to lead group meditations, group rounding, and guided visualizations for outside events.
  • Part 2 is a  15 month comprehensive training where you graduate a zivaMASTER
  • Twice monthly meetings
  • 2 Rounds per day. Rounding takes 1 hr and we call it “Industrial Strength meditation”
  • 2 Rounding retreats
  • Potential to teach for Ziva upon graduation

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You must be a graduate of the zivaLIVE Course (RSVP for an Intro Talk here) and have been practicing the Ziva Technique for one year minimum by the start of the training.

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