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We believe Ziva can change the world.

About Ziva

We believe in having fun and playing big—doing the work we were put on this planet to do. Mastering meditation, but really… mastering life. 

We believe that meditation is not enough, and we’re all in on The Ziva Technique: mindfulness, meditation and manifesting.

We believe that practicing these 3 M’s makes us better partners, colleagues, friends and citizens. Our 40,000+ students agree.

We believe that if everyone meditated before they leave their house, the world would be a happier, healthier and more enjoyable place to live.

We believe in giving back. We’ve donated $1 million in training to healthcare workers on the front lines, $15K to The Loveland Foundation and we give 10% of our proceeds each year to environmental organizations we love.

We believe it’s time to get the whole dang world meditating. Join us.

Meet Emily

Watching people step into the most amazing version of themselves using Ziva is the greatest joy in my life
(right after the sound of my son’s laughter).

Breastfeeding my way through a bestselling book launch is the thing I am most proud of
(right after donating $1MM in scholarships to healthcare workers on the frontlines). 

I have dedicated my entire life to either becoming or helping other people become high performers. I define a high performer as someone who wants to leave the world better than they found it. Someone who is committed to being better tomorrow than they are today. Sometimes that means learning, often it means shedding. Shedding stress, shedding lies about ourselves and shedding inherited trauma. 

I was fortunate enough to find meditation during my ten year career on Broadway where I was struggling with insomnia, anxiety, premature aging and getting sick all the time. It changed my life so dramatically that I left Broadway, went to India and started what became a three year training process to become a teacher.

That training consisted of eighteen hours a week of meditation, thousands of hours of apprenticing, transcribing books in Sanskrit by hand and studying The Vedas. I am now twelve years and 8,760 meditations deep into my practice. 

My husband, son and I live in Brooklyn where you can find me laughing at my own jokes, doing one song dance parties and working a bit too much for a meditation teacher.  

Emily Fletcher
Founder of Ziva Meditation

See Emily’s full bio here.

The Ziva Technique

After years of training in India and the US, and then teaching thousands of people how to meditate, Emily realized that meditation alone was not enough. In 2017, Emily developed The Ziva Technique — a powerful trifecta of the 3 Ms.

Mindfulness gets rid of your stress in the now. Meditation gets rid of your stress from the past — you know, the trauma that lodges itself in your cells and nervous system. And manifesting to help your dreams for the future.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The combination yields profound results, including less stress, deeper sleep, improved immune function, increased productivity and all-around extraordinary performance. It’ll feel like magic… but in fact it’s science.

When you remove stress at a cellular level, and give it the deep rest it needs, your body is able to heal itself. What’s revealed is the very best version of you.

Speaking Reel

We know meditation might seem boring.
We do our best to make it fun.

Have questions? Let’s Chat.

Ready to learn more? Simply wanna find out why you are not a meditation failure if you can’t “clear your mind”?
Our *heavily meditated* team members are happy to help.

Meet Our Team

Liz Korfmacher

Head of Marketing
Ziva meditator since 2016

Liz oversees marketing and content strategy — everything from educating new community members, to sharing the Ziva message far and wide, Liz’s passion is helping folks find, join and love Ziva.

Guilty Pleasure: Early 2000’s pop (Stacy’s Mom, anyone?)

Desiree Zepeda

VP of Finance & Operations
Ziva meditator since 2021

Desiree oversees accounting and operations functions, providing support through process improvements and implementation of best practices. With a constant desire to increase efficiency, she aims to empower those around her to challenge the status quo, and use spreadsheets!

Her Happy Place: Anywhere near an ocean, the beach is always calling her name.

Ali McCabe

Brand Marketing Specialist
Ziva meditator since 2018

Ali creates and manages Ziva’s social media strategy, email marketing and content development. She loves to witness the transformation of Ziva students as they become their brightest selves.

Favorite workouts: HIIT and (super) hot vinyasa yoga

Svetlana Margoulis

Web Developer
Ziva meditator since 2019

Svetlana manages all the technical aspects of Ziva, especially making sure our websites look great and run smoothly. Originally from Ukraine, Svetlana received her Computer Engineering degree in Israel where she moved at age 16 by herself. In addition to speaking Java and PHP, she is fluent in Russian and Hebrew.

On the weekends: Svetlana teaches Math in afterschool programs in NYC.

Melissa Stuart

Customer Success Team
Ziva meditator since 2021

Melissa is excited to be a part of the customer service team helping Ziva meditators grow in their practice. She finds great pleasure in expanding her personal growth toolkit through meditation and learning more about the brain’s innerworkings.

When she's not working: Getting creative in the kitchen!

Kelly McCormick

Customer Success Team
Ziva meditator since 2017

Kelly loves helping meditators — new and experienced — get the most out of their practice and their lives. She brings compassion, curiosity and her background as a Broadway actor to her engagement with the Ziva community.

When I’m not working: Kelly never met a DIY/home-improvement project she didn’t love.

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