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Here’s what some of our 40,000+ students have to say

Yes, we’re blushing.

I’ve become so creative. I haven’t been motivated in a long time, but since starting zivaONLINE I’ve come up with so many ideas and have been writing more!

Ricki Prosper
Youth Crisis Counselor

My finances have drastically improved. I feel better and have fewer digestive issues. My creativity is through the roof. Ziva has led to more self-respect and integrity.

Hannah D.
Yoga Teacher

My creativity and problem solving capabilities increase dramatically when I meditate consistently. Answers to my business challenges come quick and clear to me.

Mari Carmen Pizarro
Peak Performance Coach

Meditation is a tool to make you better at life, refuel your tank, and increase your energy and creativity.

Eliza Q.

I’m a happier, smarter, and more creative version of myself when I am consistently meditating with Ziva.

Will Obeid
CEO/Co-Founder, Gemini Real Estate

I’m much more creative. I’m a copywriter and I always agonize and suffer, but these last 14 days I’ve felt lighter, more confident, more trusting in myself and the process.

Sanja Alajbegovic
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