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Yes, we’re blushing.

(My son) wakes up fresh and says, “Today I choose to be brave, creative & kind.” Every mother wants to hear that…even I feel brave, creative & kind…it’s my practice too.

Media Consultant & MBSR Teacher

As a mom of young kids who’ve been home for months, we need tools. Our tool belts are running low and this is something that is impactful, easy to go to and so helpful for the kids!

Shannon Missimer
Stay-at-Home Mom & Blogger

It’s not just another fluffy mindfulness activity that entertains the kids. It’s solidly backed by science and taught in a way that truly speaks to kids.

Kelly R.

The day we did the first training Miles fell in a pool; it was really handy to have language to talk about the crazy scary thing that happened.

Jessica Kirchner

When the kids get back into school, they’ll now have the tools to break through old feelings and beliefs so they too can be superheroes.

Charlene Danzi
Mom of 2

We are LOVING zivaKIDS at our house! I couldn’t help telling you now how AMAZING it is! So well done!

Jen Brown
Naturopathic Doctor

I was blown away by zivaKIDS. My 4 yo twin boys are so much more aware of their feelings now.

Lydia Ellis
Stay-at-home mom of 4

My little kids love Z Bunny and the superhero badges. They ask me every day when they can meditate with Z Bunny and are proud when they get another badge.

Stephanie G.

Love the three Ms — live by them every day! We both liked the Squeeze Me exercise too, I’m going to be using that one myself now.

Jennifer Donahue

I love the emphasis on being a superhero. The focus on bravery, creativity and kindness is exactly what the world needs now.

Candice Schaper
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