Emily on The Unmistakeable Creative Podcast

2 important questions:

How often do you feel like you’re searching for happiness in all the wrong places?

And what would you do if you knew you could find bliss and fulfillment anytime, anywhere, with just a little bit of training?

Well today, I’m bringing you the answers – and they’re inside a powerhouse of a podcast episode.

I joined Srini Rao on his podcast, The Unmistakable Creative, and it was without a doubt one of my favorite interviews of all time.

Srini is a total superhuman. He’s interviewed over 600 guests including peak performance psychologists, happiness researchers, entrepreneurs and now, a meditation teacher. I am so grateful he invited me on to share my story and what Ziva is all about.

In the episode, I discuss things I’ve never shared before in a podcast. It went deep — diving into my early days as an actress, what it was like moving to NYC 3 weeks before 9/11, and why I am so passionate about creating self-sufficient meditators.

I even talked about my very first job bussing tables back in Tallahassee. Seriously, Srini had me talking about all kinds of new things.

At the root of it all though, I shared why meditation is the number one tool for eradicating stress from your brain and body.

If you’ve ever felt the weight of anxiety and overwhelm, this conversation is for you.

After you listen to this podcast episode, I would love to hear from you. What are your biggest key takeaways from the conversation?

You deserve 24-hour-a-day happiness — because bliss is your birthright– and it’s always right inside you, waiting for you to access it.

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