Too Busy to Meditate?

Meditating is like hitting the reset button on your brain so you can be more productive on the other side.

We all know we should meditate. We have heard the seemingly endless amounts of neuroscience behind it, we have read the articles about the countless benefits (bye-bye insomnia), and maybe we have even experienced these payoffs for ourselves.

But sometimes, whether we have been meditating for two weeks or two years, we just think we are too busy to meditate. And there is some validity to that feeling, having a to-do list so long you feel like you’re spinning out doesn’t always feel great, not only that, but I would dare to say that it feels pretty crappy.

But here’s the news: Not only can meditation help, but you don’t have time not to.

In this video I explore:

  • What a Pre-Cognitive Commitment is, and why you have way too many of them
  • Why meditation is like an internal reset button for your brain
  • My favorite response when someone tells me they don’t have time to meditate
  • A list of the most mega-successful, busiest people in the country who carve out the time
  • Why you’re not too busy to meditate, and why we meditate in the first place (hint: it’s not to get good at sitting with our eyes closed)
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