Your Vision Board Checklist For Your Best 2020

Are you ready to get your vision boarding on? If you’re thinking, “vision boarding? Seriously?” The answer… Yes! Seriously!

Creating a vision board is actually a powerful visualization practice. (You know, visualization — that thing that Olympic athletes, Oscar-winning actors and Oprah use to improve their performance?)

It can be easy to dismiss creating a vision board as just an arts and crafts project. But what we put our attention on grows. And taking the time to create one can change the trajectory of the rest of your year and life.

We live in an intention-dependent universe. So it’s important to get clear on what it is we want to create in our lives and in the world.

To help you get started, we created this handy dandy Vision Board Checklist so you’ll have everything you need. Make sure you carve out some time for yourself and enjoy the process.

A reminder — the goal of creating your vision board is to get clear on your goals and intentions for 2020. But this is really meant to go alongside our annual New Year’s tradition, Finish Strong Start Stronger where Emily will walk you through a powerful guided exercise to celebrate your 2019 and visualize everything you want to achieve come 2020.

Vision Board Checklist:

Here’s everything you’ll need to create your vision board for 2019:

  • Any kind of board — a pin board, cork board, or simple poster board from the drugstore
  • Double-sided tape, a glue stick or push pins
  • Scissors
  • 3-5 magazines to cut images and quotes from
  • Mementos and/or photos. Things that inspire you
  • Your filled out Design Your Dream 2020 worksheet (You’ll have access after signing up for Finish Strong, Start Stronger!)
  • Time. Carve out an hour or more to spend creating your board and envisioning your year
  • Extra Credit: Any art supplies that make you happy (paint, stickers or even crayons)
  • Double Extra Credit: Get cozy. Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Light a candle if it makes you feel fancy. Relax and enjoy!

On Jan 1 at 2p NYC time, Emily will share her own vision board live in our Ziva Community Facebook group. And you better believe we want to see your vision boards, too. Send us a photo of what you come up with on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @ZivaMeditation.

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