What Is a Mantra?

The word “mantra” has been hijacked.

The wellness industry has turned this word into something of a slogan. Often people tell me their mantra is something like: “I’m a strong angry woman!” Or “I deserve to be a millionaire.”

So what exactly is a mantra?

A mantra is actually a mind vehicle. The word itself is Sanskrit: man = mind, tra = vehicle.

The mantras we use at Ziva are custom designed to take you from active layers of left brain thinking down to more subtle layers of right brain being. They are primordial, meaningless sounds. The power comes from the sound quality, not from the meaning of the word itself.

The old thinking around meditation is “If I can stop my mind from thinking, then I’ll experience bliss.”

But it’s actually the other way around, it’s “when I sit with my mantra and access my bliss internally, then the mind falls silent”.

In the below, I explain:

  • Why the meaning of the mantra doesn’t matter (and what does)
  • How the mantra and your thoughts work together during meditation
  • The way to access you eternal bliss with the help of a simple sound

Watch What Is A Mantra:

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