Finish Strong, Start Stronger
(+ Design Your Dream 2018)

It’s easy to set goals or intentions from a place of lack… “I wish I had more savings… I want to lose weight… I need a boyfriend.” But it is so much more powerful to reflect on what you’re proud of, and then set your intentions from there.

As my friend and colleague Dallas Travers says, “You can’t build on top of success you don’t acknowledge.”

And that’s why we’re sharing this very special, very powerful guided exercise: Finish Strong, Start Stronger

Finish Strong, Start Stronger is a 20-minute exercise led by Emily Fletcher and is designed to give you time to celebrate all your successes from 2017 so you can build on top of them in 2018. In the video, Emily will walk you through every area of your life from your finances, to your spiritual life, to your sex life. There’s both a guided visualization and a written exercise, and the combo is an amazing way to set yourself up to manifest your dreams and goals for the new year.

Get it here: Finish Strong, Start Stronger

And to help you on your journey, we’re offering extra tools so you can

  • Dream big
  • Get clear
  • Follow through

To help you dream big this week, get our Design Your Dream 2018 Worksheet. I recommend completing it after you watch Finish Strong Start Stronger.

Next week, we’ll get clear on goals and dreams and the week after that we’re going to have some real talk on how to commit to yourself and follow through.

I can’t wait for you to experience Finish Strong, Start Stronger and want to hear all about how it goes for you. Join our zivaTRIBE Facebook group for more on this.

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