Keeping Promises to Yourself
with Emily Fletcher and Lauren Zander

“To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself.” -Marie Forleo

This concept is exactly what Emily chats about with her friend (and personal life coach) Lauren Zander in this exclusive interview — it’s an amazing complement our Finish Strong, Start Stronger exercise and it’s all about how to follow through on your goals and intentions for 2019. (NOTE: this was recorded in January 2018, and we pulled it out of the vault because it’s still SO relevant.)

Lauren is a bonafide expert and has built her entire business on helping people — Oscar, Emmy & Peabody winners and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies — break through the cycle of self-doubt and procrastination to actually achieve their wildest dreams.

In the interview, she talks through her recipe for success — a system of promises and consequences. Plus she walks through how to achieve what she calls personal integrity — THE thing that will lead you to reach your goals.

According to Lauren, personal integrity = when your mind, heart and actions are all aligned.

    • Your heart dreams the dream


    • Your head creates the plan


    And your body takes action

Some gems from the conversation:

To achieve our real dreams, the only person who has to show up is you, for you. Shockingly, sadly, truthfully, we’re last on our own list.

Walk your talk. Don’t try. Do.

All of the places in your life you’re not happy with are the places you’re not keeping promises to yourself. Yet.

Everything we don’t have in our life is because of us. Everything we do have in our life is because of us.

The inner brat who says “tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,” is your lower self. And the voice of personal integrity is your higher self.

Lauren teaches how to use our addictions (social media, alcohol, etc.) to fuel our dreams vs. using our addictions as excuses.

Resistance is fear. How fear manifests in your life is self-doubt.

Lauren is big on tough love, so buckle up!

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