Emily Talks Meditation for Extraordinary Performance on Our Favorite Podcasts

See below for our roundup of recent podcast episodes that Emily has been delighted to be a guest on. Want to learn more about adopting a meditation practice of your own? Check out Emily’s debut book, Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance, which breaks down the neuroscience of meditation and teaches a daily practice that you can use from day one – no clearing your mind necessary.

Emily on You Turn with Ashley Stahl

Emily sits down with Ashley Stahl to talk about about the impacts of meditation, how it can improve your performance, and the science behind it all. They discuss the difference between meditation and mindfulness, the real-life benefits of true meditation, and why stress makes you stupid, sick and slow.


Emily on Awaken with JP Sears

On this episode, Emily talks about the proven benefits of The Ziva Technique which include decreased stress, less anxiety, deeper sleep, improved immune function, increased productivity and extraordinary performance. They touch on her time on Broadway, writing and recording her book, becoming a mother, and much more.


Emily on Brand Yourself with Blair Badenhop

Blair and Emily discuss the journey from Broadway actress to global meditation teacher, her approach to marketing and the role being on podcasts and speaking at events has played in her massive growth. They also touch on why genuine friendships combines with a ton of hard work is what she attributes to her success.


Emily on The Microbiome Report

Meditation and the microbiome? How could those possibly be connected? Emily talks about how meditation and mindfulness can reduce stress and inflammation, leading to stronger gut health.


Emily on The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk

Emily joins Ryan Hawke to discuss how meditation helps increase adaptability, nurtures your brain anbody, and why so many people wrongly assume they are failures at meditation.

Emily on DENTalks Podcast

This episode covers the pursuit of happiness and finding happiness in the pursuit, the neuroscience behind why meditation works (for the skeptics out there), and how raising our consciousness can ultimately change the world.

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