New to Ziva Meditation? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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By Emily Fletcher, Founder, Ziva Meditation

If you’re reading this, chances are you have some curiosity about meditation and maybe the Ziva Technique. And for good reason! Right now, it seems everyone is talking about meditation. And at this point, you probably know you should be doing it. You’ve heard the seemingly endless amounts of neuroscience behind it; you’ve read the articles about the countless benefits. Maybe you’ve even dabbled with free mindfulness apps or a drop-in studio. 

But now that we know for sure it’s so good for us, why do so many of us still think we’re too busy to meditate? Especially since many of the world’s top performers have outed themselves as meditators, including Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Jack Dorsey and Oprah.

It’s time to face facts: the ROI on time spent meditating is too great to ignore any longer.

What are the benefits?

Right now, meditation is undergoing the same transformation that exercise did in the 70’s. The evidence is pretty stacked — meditation will indeed make your life better. Why? Because it eliminates stress from your brain and body. And eliminating that stress helps you to sleep better, have sharper focus, better decision making skills, a stronger immune system, increased productivity, and even better sex.

So while you may choose to not have a meditation practice, you’ll inevitably be missing out on a ton of benefits by doing so.

Ask yourself: Do I have time for stress to keep me stuck?

Why I started Ziva Meditation

I remember the feeling of stress keeping me stuck. If there’s anyone who can vouch for the benefits of meditation, it’s me. Ten years ago, I was on Broadway understudying three of the leads in A Chorus Line. On paper I was living my dream. In reality, I was suffering from anxiety, had been struggling with insomnia for eighteen months, and was going grey at the tender age of 26. I was desperate for a solution.

One of my cast members was crushing it at her job, and she was understudying five of the lead roles. When she swore by meditation, at first I rolled my eyes. Then, when I kept sucking at my job I thought, what do I have to lose?

After the first day of the course, I slept through the night for the first time in 18 months. Then I stopped getting sick and going gray, I started enjoying my life again and realized that this practice was something special. It has since up-leveled my performance and my life so dramatically that I felt inspired to share it with others. I left Broadway in 2009 and went to India, where I began a three-year training process to become a meditation teacher. Since then, I have taught over 20,000 people to become self-sufficient meditators with the Ziva Technique.

About the Ziva Technique

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear about meditation is that you have to “clear your mind.”  This. is. a. myth. Here’s the thing — the mind thinks involuntarily in the same way your heart beats involuntarily. So giving your mind a command to stop thinking is as futile as giving your heart a command to stop beating.

I teach a meditation technique designed for people with busy minds and busy lives. Thoughts really are just part of the process. In fact, with the Ziva Technique, the more effortless it is, the better. 

When I started Ziva, I originally was only teaching meditation. However, I knew a lot of people had a hard time moving from the fast pace of their day to that meditative space.

This is why I added the mindfulness and manifesting portions in what became what we affectionately refer to as “The 3 M’s.”

The 3 M’s

The Ziva Technique is a powerful trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting. The mindfulness portion is like the appetizer course. It consists of techniques to immediately draw your awareness into the present moment. Through the use of breathing techniques and an exercise we call Come To Your Senses, students quickly slow their heart rate and feel more grounded.

Next, there is the main course — the meditation portion – which will allow you to easily drift into a verifiable fourth state of consciousness. This is where the magic happens. Your metabolic rate slows, your breathing gets a little shallower, and you drift into a rest that is 5x deeper than sleep. Your brain and body will flood with dopamine and serotonin. Within just 40 seconds, you will be chipping away at the backlog of stresses you have saved in your nervous system. All of this happens through the use of a mantra. This is a mind anchor which helps de-excite the nervous system and give the body deep, healing rest.

Last but not least, the dessert portion is manifesting, which sounds scarier than it is. In fact, manifesting is all about getting really clear on your dreams, goals or desires. This way, you can begin to make active choices in your waking state to bring those dreams into fruition.

So, how can I learn the Ziva Technique?

Once upon a time, there was only one way to learn this technique. Sometimes it even required you to hike the Himalayas with a sack of potatoes on your back. When Ziva started way back in 2011, Emily taught only the live course. Now due to increasing demand and our dedication to making sure this was as accessible to anyone and everyone, we have 3 tried and true ways to learn Ziva Meditation.

Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher

If you’re interested in how to begin a meditation practice and want to dive into some of the neuroscience behind how and why this thing works so well, Emily wrote her debut (and bestselling) book, Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance. After 3 and a half years of birthing this book baby, it finally hit shelves in Feb 2019 and skyrocketed to number 7 out of all books on Amazon.

This book teaches what we refer to as the Z Technique. It’s an adaptation of the Ziva Technique that is gentler and offers one universal mantra. Written in 3 parts: the first part breaks down the neuroscience and all of the reasons why we come to meditation, the second teaches the technique, and the third pulls the lens back on how we believe this meditation thing will ultimately help save our world.

Stress Less, Accomplish More is great for you and all the skeptics in your life who may need some facts before committing to the time investment of meditation. It was also written so we can get this tool into the hands of as many people as possible. Why? So we can alleviate the planet of unnecessary suffering. Lofty goal, we know — but meditation gives us back so much productivity and access to creative solutions that we are well on our way.


If you’ve read the book and incorporated the Z Technique, you’ve likely seen the numerous benefits this meditation style provides. Once they get a taste, many of our students are eager to increase the intensity of their learning. Enter: zivaONLINE, the world’s first online meditation course and our flagship training. It consists of 15 days of videos that walk you through the 3 M’s and bumps your practice to the next level.

In zivaONLINE, Emily walks you through the full Ziva Technique and does a deeper dive into the neuroscience of stress and meditation. Students learn how to choose their mantra from a carefully curated list which intensifies their practice. The benefits you’ve experienced from the Z Technique are increased tenfold by taking this next step.

Students of zivaONLINE also gain access to a private Facebook group where they can connect with other ONLINErs, as well as access to private coaching calls with Emily once a month.


zivaLIVE is our in-person training program that we offer in NYC and LA (check our events page for more info.) The course runs 2 hours a day for 4 consecutive days. In it, you’ll receive a personalized mantra, increase the length of your sittings, and gain one-on-one access with Emily. Graduates of zivaONLINE can take our zivaONLINE Intensive,  a shortened version of zivaLIVE.

Once you graduate and become a zivaFAMILY member, Ziva provides a home for you throughout your meditation journey. This means access to personalized support in person and online and advanced courses to deepen your knowledge. Plus, you can come back and sit in on the course any time you want for no charge.

So there you have it!

You just got a crash course in all the ways to learn at Ziva. And in our opinion, the best part of our method is that once you learn this type of meditation, you can’t unlearn it. It’s yours for life. No apps, wifi, or drop-in studios needed. It’s a self-sufficient practice that you can do anywhere and everywhere. This includes at your desk, on the train, or anywhere you can sit quietly in a chair.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start meditating, the time is now. Let’s do this.

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