Emily’s Supplement Routine

Do you have a supplement routine? I take mine seriously. Because even if you’re eating super healthy and exercising, chances are you’re still deficient in nutrients.

This is because of the state of our soil and industrial farming. Not great, I know.

This became glaringly obvious to me while I was pregnant. Because my body was working so hard to create a human, I noticed that on days when I didn’t take my supplements, my performance capabilities decreased precipitously.

So I got specific about what nutrients my body needs and doesn’t need. That led to a huge shift in my performance.

My supplements helped through a time of getting little sleep and all the changes pregnancy and motherhood sent my way. I think they can help you too.

In this video, I share my supplement routine, and the steps you can take to figure out your optimal supplement regimen.

I recommend connecting with Parsley Health to get a full blood workup done, to find out where you may need extra supplement support.

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