Life Before + After Ziva Meditation

We asked some of our incredible zivaGRADS to share how their lives have changed since learning meditation at the Ziva in-person course. Here’s what they had to say:

Check out some of our favorite moments below.

“Life before meditation was frantic, hectic, and I was completely stressed out. I couldn’t even sleep.  Now that I meditate there is a sense of peace in my life that I never had before which has created a huge shift in my life.” 

“Before I began meditating I was extremely anxious and constantly on edge in a very tense way. From the first time I meditated I felt grounded. I finally felt my feet on the ground, and like I was poised and ready to handle whatever was coming at me.” 

“I lost weight, and kept it off. I became an exerciser, which I never really was before. My attitude has also shifted. I used to think there were a lot of things I couldn’t do and now I’m just curious- I think I wonder if I can do that, I’ll go find out!” 

Rock on, Ziva meditators!

Want some of this bliss for yourself? Come to an Intro to Meditation talk to learn about what we teach at the in-person course, or — if you’re not in NYC or LA — head over to zivaONLINE to learn to meditate online from anywhere in the world.

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