Why Sleep Alone Won’t Fight Off Fatigue

It seems like we have a bit of a sleep crisis on our hands.

A whopping 40.6 million Americans struggle with sleep issues. None of us perform at our best when we are exhausted.

We recently surveyed our tribe and were shocked by how many people struggle with fatigue. That’s why Emily recorded this video on the fly to share with you some thoughts on why so many people are feeling snoozy. And she did it all from this rad hammock chair. Please forgive the sound quality… this really was on the fly.

It can be so upsetting when you’re doing ALL the wellness things and still feeling tired. You’re going to sleep early, hitting the gym, eating well… so why are you still so dang sleepy?

Well here’s the reality: sleep is not a restful enough form of rest to deal with the level of demand most of us are under.

We’re facing a lot as a species. With work deadlines, climate change and our nonstop access to news and social media, we’re freaking stressed.

That’s why we need something else in our routine to help.

To really give our body the rest it needs, we need something stronger. Something like meditation.

In the off the cuff video below, Emily explains why meditation is a different (and in some ways more efficient) form of rest than sleep. You’ll learn:

  • A “math” problem that explains why sleep alone doesn’t provide enough rest to handle the level of demand we’re under
  • How meditation and sleep affect the body differently
  • Why you could be sleeping a full 8 hours and still waking up like a zombie

Watch “Why Sleep Alone Won’t Fight Off Fatigue”:

It can be frustrating when fatigue feels like it has a permanent place in your daily routine. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. When you give your body different forms of rest, it can heal itself. This way, you can start performing on the top of your game, without feeling like you need to crawl under your desk for a midday nap.

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