Your zivaONLINE + Manifesting Masterclass Livestream Replay

Yesterday’s livestream was SO MUCH FUN. It really felt like a celebration of all the massive dreams we are about to create together.

We went down a real rabbit hole (my favorite place to be!) and learned how the combination of meditation and manifesting is far more powerful than either one alone. We also discovered the number one thing keeping most of us stuck in complacency..

Some quick highlights from the live stream were:

  • We discussed the benefits of zivaONLINE and how it will help you get out of the chronic fight or flight that most of us are living under
  • I explained how zivaONLINE and the Manifesting Masterclass will work together to help you create your ultimate reality.
  • One woman shared an incredible success story saying, “After taking zivaONLINE, I’ve seen a change in myself during the most challenging year yet in my life.”
  • I share a story about my son, Jasper, that’s a perfect analogy for how we can see Nature as a loving parent.

We recorded the whole thing for you.

Watch our zivaONLINE + Manifesting Masterclass live stream:

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