• “Since I've been practicing, I have found a peace of mind and spirit that I've never quite felt before. It has allowed me to be free again, like the little girl I once was, living through and with joy. It truly is powerful stuff!”

    Dylis Croman

    Starring as Roxie in "Chicago" on Broadway

  • “Wouldn’t have surrendered to the possibility of pregnancy if it wasn’t for meditation.”

    Jennifer Rau
    Full Time Mom
  • "Meditation or medication; the choice is yours. If you have trouble deciding between the two, head to Ziva to get clarity. It changed my life. Emily has a talent of making meditation so interesting and fun. I can't even relate to pre-meditation me."

    Ashok Thakur
    President & CEO

  • “Meditation has CHANGED MY LIFE. When people talk about there being no such thing as a magic pill I often think, 'Yeah...but have you tried meditation?'”

    Sarah Yourgrau
    Television Producer

  • “This form of meditation is simple and easy to get into and, if done consistently, produces amazing results. I am much more in touch with myself and I consciously react more and more of the time.”

    Mary McGloin

  • “Since my husband and I started meditating, it seems that the whole world has opened up to us. About a month after learning, we made the decision to take a trek we have been wanting to do for years: a 1000km hike through the north of Spain. Once we made the decision to take this journey, it's like we finally got on the path we'd been wanting. Meditation has opened me in a way I never thought possible.”

    Chris Klapper
    Installation Artist
  • “Ziva Meditation has changed my life. Emily is a true inspiration, and the energy she vibrates to the world is infectious.”

    Cheryl Moody
    Wellness Coach

  • “Before Ziva, the first word that came to mind to define meditation was 'strict’ I thought ALL thoughts had to be cleared from my mind. But after the course, my definition is SO different. Ziva taught me how gentle meditation is, and that thoughts are a natural part of it. Emily is such a great instructor. She made each class so fun and truly engaging that time always felt like it flew by.”

    Melissa Piano

  • “Meditation is absolutely the BEST tool to help your body heal ..... I have gone through surgeries, chemo and radiation and I can tell you first hand that meditation is the main reason my body recovered so quickly.”

    Cathi Peterson
    Operations Manager

  • “I wish I  ran a TV network so I could  give Emily her own show. She’s that good.”

    Don Coddington
    VP Promotion, Universal Music Group
  • "I have been meditating with Emily for a few years now and it has been great. Meditating has helped me become more stable and anchored. I would definitely recommend it."

    Franz Palomares
    Animation Producer at TED Conferences

  • "In the past I could never get past 5 minutes trying to meditate, but this type of meditation is a dream come true. I felt the benefits right away."

    Nancy Mazzone
    Senior UX/UI Designer

  • “I have done a complete 180 in life. It all started with sitting down to meditate in the chair.”

    Maryam Paryam

  • “Definitely worth the investment and more! Emily makes meditation easy and accessible for EVERYONE. The Ziva program leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to questions about how to meditate and why one should.”

    Amanda Miller
  • “Emily’s clear and compassionate energy to help people meditate comes shining through! Thanks for modern explanations about ancient wisdom.”

    Lynda Smith

  • “I recently got my first full-time job and I wouldn't have gotten it if I didn't have the incredible serenity I've gotten from Ziva Meditation. Thank you Emily Fletcher!”

    Joe Metzger

  • "I have met many teachers in my 45 years and have never had one as good as Emily Fletcher. Her clear and concise delivery of the practice leaves zero room for error, and a heaping spoonful of compassion for oneself in regard to fear of failure. Emily has a unique way of delivering the science that backs up the benefits of the practice, as well as step by step instructions on how to integrate it into our days. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!"


  • “Meditation made me realize there is an infinite amount of happiness one can have, and that we humans are not limited when it comes to achievements and success. Every ounce of information I learned at Ziva has been so wonderful.”

    Brian Knoebel
    Founder of Silent K
  • “I'm more alert and productive at work; and I'm just overall in a better mood. If I do get stressed, I recover from it quickly, and I can go on about my day. I was referred to Ziva by a friend and it was probably one of the most beneficial recommendations I have ever been given. I used to think, 'Hm, is sitting in a chair for 20 minutes twice a day really going to help me get better at life?' Yes. I'm letting you know it really does.”

    Jessica D.

  • “Meditation has helped me deal with stressful situations like water off my back. Emily is wise and mature beyond her years, has a great intuition into your questions or problems, and articulates processes and hard-to-define concepts in a way that is easy to grasp.”

    Jennifer B.

  • “I feel much more 'me' since I began meditating and everything is so much easier. Even when I'm faced with something that feels like a high-demand situation, I'm over it in what feels like the blink of an eye, compared to the weeks I would've spent dwelling on it in the past.”

    Brandon W.

  • "My goal entering Emily’s course was to increase creativity and productivity. Just a few months into my Ziva Meditation practice, I got that and so much more. I’m now meeting all my daily goals -- not to mention the unsolicited opportunities that just started popping up! So grateful to Emily and her amazingly effective program."

    Gio Benitez
    Correspondent for Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Nightline, and 20/20
  • "I wake up every morning just seconds before my sleep cycle alarm goes off completely refreshed and ready to start my day. I fall asleep effortlessly and the feeling of being sleepy after waking up in the morning has vanished!"

    Polina Solda
    Dating Coach

  • “I have more mental ‘space’ – instead of simply reacting to my life, I feel like I have more of a choice, and am more in control of how I act, think and even feel.”

    Olivia West
    Real Estate Agent
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  • “Meditation is hand down one of the BEST things I’ve ever done for myself. First off, Emily is amazing and so inspiring. Secondly, the meditation itself helped me with my writer's block, as well as solved some of the health issues I never believed could be influenced with meditation practice.”

    Petra M.

  • “I’m sleeping better and am more productive. I wake up excited for the day which is new for me since meditation!”

    Charlotte Evan
    Private Equity
  • "This style of meditation is, in my opinion, the best there is. Emily helped me change my life in such a positive way, I HIGHLY recommend checking out her free Intro to Meditation talk. It's super worth it.”

    John Thomas

  • “Emily is a gifted meditation teacher: engaging, energetic, and frankly hilarious.”

    Samuel Folds

  • “I’ve become an author, lowered my high blood pressure, lost weight, and see life in a totally new perspective. Meditation is amazing.”

    Cheryl Moody


  • “I have never met someone with Emily's ability to bridge the spiritual realm with the scientific so effortlessly.”

    Isaac Fields
    Sales Engineer
  • “Meditation was my breakthrough creatively, emotionally; it helped me accept me… as a performer, person, and now as a woman.”

    Allie T.

  • “I've been able to really live a healthier, calmer life. I produce more great quality work than ever before— with the concentration of 9am at 4:30 pm."

    Greg Bonsignore

  • “Working long hours on a film or a TV show, meditation helps me recharge, and the day becomes easier. Last week, after a 16-hour shoot day, I got home and was inspired to cook for two hours!!”

    Sarit Klein
    Makeup Department Head for TV & Film

  • “Before finding Ziva I didn't know how I could keep working in a career that I constantly feared. But now I feel like I can conquer the world!”

    Aaron Umsted
    Broadway Performer
  • "Since beginning my meditation practice, I've gained a better understanding of myself and the world around me. I'm able to approach situations with clarity and have begun to lead a creative, productive, and fulfilling life."

    Michael Barattini

  • "Ziva Meditation is like a nap, a refreshing holistic energy drink (does that exist!?), and an inner dance party all rolled into one."

    Heather Weiss

  • "I feel a huge shift in myself, similar to antidepressants… but without the drugs! My anxiety levels have plummeted. Before training with Emily, I was on the brink of giving up my acting career because my anxiety levels were so high that there was no room for anything else. But, thanks to meditation, instead of quitting, I’ve had the two best years of my career!"

    Tom Beyer

  • "I feel so much more confident and have felt a surge in my energy. I've been able to wake up at 5am to go work out and don't feel the least bit tired after my meditation in the morning."

  • "Ziva offers a very pragmatic approach to meditation that’s tailored for people with hectic schedules and a busy lives. Meditation has helped me to become more present, which in turn has sharpened my focus and enhanced my productivity. A meditation practice is, simply put, a way of investing in yourself."

    Kenneth Jones
    Finance Officer

  • "I want to express my gratitude for you and your teaching and all that meditation has opened up for me in my life. I know I would not be sitting here with a baby girl kicking in my belly (the best feeling ever!) if it wasn’t for you and this practice."

    Jennifer Brian
    Yoga Instructor

  • “Meditation is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself. After taking meditation at Ziva, I've noticed a huge difference in myself and my life. I meet my deadlines, I'm more committed and organized, and I have never felt so disciplined in my entire life yet so light.”

    Mercedes Garrido
    Founder, CARPE DOIT Sustainable Swimwear

  • “What an INVALUABLE tool to have at my disposal in the midst of 12 hour shoot days. I felt a new ease and I am delivering work I'm proud of.”

    Peter Graham
  • "Work was the first place where I noticed the positive effects of meditation. I was really focused in meetings and could speak more effortlessly in front of a crowd, without rehearsing or overthinking. Meditating makes me more in control of my life from moment to moment.”

    Digital Strategist

  • “I f***ing love you for giving me (and everyone else) this gift and the benefits I'm already noticing. Thank you. Please keep teaching. That is all.”

    Sarah Petroski
    Strength & Fitness Coach

  • “I'm feeling happier, lighter, and less stressed. I've become more open, which has created an immensely positive shift in all my relationships. Emily teaches with openness, love and humor and shares this ancient technique in a clear and easily accessible way. Words can't fully express how wonderful Ziva is!”

    Erin Glass
    TV Producer & Founder of Broadway Bound Kids

  • “I appreciate the gentle guidance that Ziva offers its students. I have been provided with a perfect amount of space to surrender to the knowledge objectively without feeling of being dictated what to do. It’s gentle and so powerful at the same time.”

    Irina Bright
    Yoga Teacher
  • “I equate meditating to never realizing you need reading glasses. Then once you put them on, life comes into sharp focus. Your decision-making process is clearer, your creative confidence is unequaled, your relationships improve on every level. I guarantee you'll never regret doing it, only not doing it.”

    Jessica P.

  • “At 3pm I used to be dragging my tail, but after learning meditation at Ziva I simply shut my door and close my eyes. As soon as I finish my meditation and I am full of energy and focused.”

    Will Armstrong
    Public Relations

  • "I'm a happier, smarter, and more creative version of myself when I am consistently meditating."

    Will Obeid
    CEO and Co-Founder, Gemini Real Estate

  • "Emily provides such an incredible informational and inspirational base for learning this practice that I can't imagine NOT doing it every day, twice a day."

  • "I’ve truly never been less stressed or more happy in my life!"

    Member Benefits Specialist

  • "Before I thought meditation was limited to only certain types of people and was a hobby. Now I see it as universally attainable and necessary."


  • "I’m 3+ years in and it has changed my life. If I had it to do over again, I’d easily pay double the price and still think I got more than my money’s worth."

    Greg Hornby

  • "My life has done a 180 since taking on meditation. I closed my old business, started a way more successful one, and have moved to the beach. Still working 14 hour days , but now it’s a choice!"

    Marcin Teodoru
    CEO, Lucid Lab Technology
  • “Once I started meditating, my life had a complete turn of events. I started auditioning again, and within a month booked the lead in a show. Not only do I credit the meditation for helping me book, it also enhanced my craft; making me vulnerable, present, and emotionally available in a way that I had never been able to achieve before.”

    Eliza Hill

  • "I will be forever grateful to Emily for teaching me this practice. It’s rare to find a meditation teacher delivering ancient insight with consistent curiosity, delight and humor.”

    Noël Graupner
    Holistic Health Counselor and Plant-Based Private Chef

  • “Before taking the Ziva course, I thought meditation was hard work. Now I see that it’s easy and life-changing. I feel calmer, and I sleep through the night.”

    Joe Dulanie
    Retired Police Officer

  • “The Ziva course couldn’t get any better. Emily’s open-mindedness and authenticity were so refreshing.”

  • "The cost of the course was well invested and I have no regrets but only gratitude about it. It's the absolute best thing I've ever done for myself."


  • "I can't believe how good I feel. It's unbelievable. My mind is so clear."

    Hector Rivera
    Financial Planner

  • “Just one week after taking the course I felt amazing- rested, genuinely happy, and more connected to myself and my values. I am so happy I came to Ziva!”

    Donna DeLia
    Make-Up Artist, Creative Director
    & Co-Founder of Incendio Beauty

  • “I have so much more energy overall. I feel my practice has evolved immensely from this course."

    Ben Royer
  • “Thank you so much for bringing this work into my life through Ziva. I'm so intrigued by the tip of the iceberg that Emily revealed and I can't wait to dive deep and see where it leads.”

    Maria de Cesare
    Entertainment Lawyer

  • "Ziva Meditation brings better focus, higher productivity and even better sex! It has left me feeling light, happy and amazing."

    Tammy Peterson
    President/Founder of Retreats Unlimited

  • "When I came to Ziva I was completely out of touch with my own feelings. I had insomnia, was addicted to sleeping pills, and had been on antidepressants and antianxiety medications for almost a decade. After nine months of being a Ziva meditator I am thrilled to report that this effortless practice has cured my insomnia, I am medication free, and I am able to show up fully as myself."

    Jennifer Rogers


  • "I'm so happy to have taken the course and to be a part of the Ziva family. I always thought of meditation as a time to quiet the mind, but now I understand it as a time to heal by allowing stress to leave the body so we can be fully present in our life! Emily's style of teaching made the course interesting and fun. I felt like it went by too fast!"

    Susan Saunders

    Wife and Mother
  • "The course is only a few days, but by the end of it I had a very valuable tool to take care of myself. I have fewer panic attacks, I'm much more relaxed and ready to handle crises (personal or professional) when they come up. I like my life much more and while I credit myself for doing the work, I am eternally thankful to Emily and Ziva for giving me a tool that I use daily."

    Josh Einsohn

    Casting Director

  • Since I began meditating I have become more and more efficient working in the clinic. Before I would get through eight patients and end up at home finishing up work, and I am now seeing fourteen patients a day with no work leftover. Thank you, Ziva!

    Shahrokh Poormehr


  • “The other night my kids fell asleep on my lap and I did my meditation right there since it was the only time I had. That night I had the BEST sleep I’ve had in a year and my kids slept through the night for the first time in a long time. Thanks, Ziva!”

    Elizabeth Burkholder

    Nurse Pracitioner/Certified Hypnotherapist

  • “Meditation has done more for me than I can explain. I have been able to finally grieve the loss of my mother, my blood pressure has gone from 120/80 to a consistent 90/60, and my ability to do work calmly and with creativity has increased tenfold.”

    Rachel Santacruz

    Interior Designer
  • “At the beginning of the course Emily has you write down your stress habits. Within a month nearly all of them (which I had for years) had vanished completely. All it takes to move through these anxious moments now is a few deep breathes.”

    Emmett Hart

    Sales Associate

  • “I used to use Headspace daily but it honestly felt meaningless and like I may as well just do breathing exercises by myself. The deep work I have done with my Ziva training using my mantra has been incredibly meaningful. The health and emotional benefits have been profound.”

    Christie Lamenzo


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