Ziva’s 2020 Conscious Gift Guide

It’s the most magical time of the year! This year for our conscious gift guide, we compiled some ideas for everyone on your list — from your beloved coworker to your gift-adverse dad. Enjoy!

For your beauty-loving bestie

Dry winter skin stands no chance against the Annmarie Gianni skin care. Their products are non-toxic, organic and not tested on animals — and you can feel good about supporting a small skincare company that puts tons of loving care into their products. We love their gift sets as well as their Sun Love Natural Sunscreen.

Restore Essentials Gift Set

Annmarie Gianni, $190
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Solo System

Sunlighten, contact for pricing
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For your fancy friend

There’s nothing like sitting in a sauna during a long, cold winter. Saunas have tons of benefits including boosting cell health and immunity, improving heart health and muscle repair. Plus sometimes it just feels good to sweat. Sunlighten is making saunas more accessible with their Solo System — a sauna that could even fit inside a NYC apartment.

For any meditation skeptic

Imagine a world where there are as many meditation stations as there are coffee shops. We’re on our way there, and I do my best in this book to dive into all the neuroscience and benefits of meditation for even the most skeptical in your life. Plus, I teach a gentle meditation method that will have you performing at the top of your game. This is a great gift for coworkers, stocking stuffers or your family members who haven’t caught on to the lifechanging benefits of meditation yet.

Stress Less, Accomplish More

Amazon, $19
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(Or check your local bookstore!)

Instant Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane

4Sigmatic, $12
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For your bio-hacking obsessed coworker

At Ziva, we love 4Sigmatic mushroom coffee and how it complements our Ziva practice to make brain fatigue a thing of the past. When you drink the Lion’s Mane variety it’s like you can feel yourself getting smarter. We like to drink it before long brainstorming sessions — and if you’re into the whipped coffee craze, 4Sigmatic is the best for getting that frothy goodness we all love. Plus you can take 15% off when you use promo code Ziva15.

For your beloved mama

Moms handle a lot. Show her you love her with the gift of zivaONLINE, our 15 day training. You’ll have the chance to customize a message to her, plus we have gift certificates to choose from so you can give her something physical to open.

What greater gift is there than showing people you love them enough to help them eradicate their unnecessary suffering? Bonus: right now, if you give zivaONLINE as a gift, you can save $100!


Ziva, $299 ($100 when you buy as a gift!)
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Superbrain by Jim Kwik

Mindvalley, $449
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For your tricky dad

Dads can be tricky when it comes to gift giving. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution. Our friend Jim Kwik has a course with Mindvalley called Superbrain. It’s a 30 day course to activate your brain’s limitless potential — think bulletproof memory, unshakeable focus and superhuman productivity.

This is the gift your dad will finally use.

For your MIL

Help your mother-in-law cleanse the air of pollutants allergens and dust with a natural cut salt lamp. Not only will it radiate a gorgeous glow, this salt lamp will emit negative ions to clean the air — leading to improved energy and sleep, reduced asthma and less stress.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Trading Company, $34
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The Gift of Glow

Sakara, $275
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For the busy new mama

Sakara has perfected meal-delivery. Not only is their food delicious but you also feel healthier with each bite. Their organic, plant-based, farm fresh food is delivered right to your door which means you can eat well even when your calendar is packed (calling all new mamas). Give the gift of healthy food with The Gift of Glow — 3 days of their Signature delivery program + a 30 day supply of their beauty chocolates.

For your cool aunt

Our hormonal health is responsible for so many symptoms we often attribute to aging. But our friend Dr. Mariza Snyder’s book, The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, teaches you how to use essential oils to jumpstart your hormonal health — leading to more restful sleep, manage stress and food cravings and get rid of brain fog. This is the perfect gift for your favorite cool aunt.

The Essential Oils Hormone Solution

Amazon, $13
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(Or order at your local bookstore!)

Merry & Bright Kit

Good Habit, $80
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For your favorite entreprenista

We’re all spending a lot of time looking at screens — and all that blue light has a big effect on the health of our skin. Good Habit skincare uses something called BLU5 technology to defend your skin from blue light. Give your favorite entreprenista the gift of glow with the Merry & Bright Kit. Her laptop won’t stand a chance against it.

For your zen grandma

There’s nothing like curling up on your couch while the smell of healing essential oils wafts through the air. And with doTERRA, you’ll be gifting some of the highest quality essential oils in the world. Your grandma will love the Hikari Diffuser which transforms any room into a zen oasis. Plus they’ll get doTERRA’s Holiday Peace — a blend of Siberian, Douglas and Himalayan firs, complements by grapefruit, frankincense and vetiver.

Hikari Diffuser with Holiday Peace

doTERRA, $59
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Superpowered by Dr. Shefali & Renee Jain

Amazon, $16
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For your superhero niece or nephew

At Ziva, we’re deep in creation mode as we’re developing zivaKIDS, the first kids meditation course of its kind. That’s why we love zivaKIDS guest expert and NYT bestselling author, Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s new book, Superpowered: Transform Anxiety into Courage, Confidence and Resilience. This book will empower the reader as they work through anxiety, overwhelm and uncertainty and become the superhero of their own story.

At Ziva, we only recommend products we know, love and swear by. Some of the links to these products do generate commission for Ziva.

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