Stress Less,

Accomplish More

Not just another meditation book. Filled with fascinating real-life transformations, interactive exercises, and practical knowledge, this new book by Ziva Meditation founder Emily Fletcher introduces you to a revelatory daily practice and shows you how to make it work for your modern life.



A custom designed meditation hoodie with an extra long hood so you can easily meditate on planes, trains, and even let the people around you know you’re meditating.



This beautiful sand timer is 100% analog. Simply having it displayed in your home will be an elegant reminder to commit to your daily practice. Turn off your phone, flip over the timer and surrender into deep, restful meditation with no screens or alarms to disturb you on the other side.



A signature blend of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Wild Orange and Fractionated Coconut Oil will soothe and rejuvenate your senses. Easy to carry, roll on pulse points throughout the day for an immediate escape.



Our oversized tote is a perfect beach or shopping bag. Made of canvas with a super comfy strap. Back reads: Do less. Accomplish more.



Let the tag do the talking.
They’ll get the idea.


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