Manifesting Sleep

A great night’s sleep is priceless

Manifesting Sleep

A great night’s sleep is priceless

Does this sound like you?

If so, you’re not alone

40.6 million

Number of American adults who have trouble sleeping at night.

Stress affects your sleep. Lack of sleep affects your stress.

86% of people who come to Ziva cite stress as a reasons they want to try meditation. 75% of those same people say they also have trouble sleeping. Coincidence? We think not.

Manifesting Sleep is full of tools for you to use whether you have a meditation practice or not. We spent years researching sleep hacks and testing them out ourselves… so you wouldn’t have to.

What you’ll get


The teaching video

Our best sleep tools from Ayurveda, the military, yoga nidra, integrative nutrition and traditional western sleep solutions.


Deep Sleep Download

We dare you to try to hear the end of this. This guided visualization uses tools from the military and yoga nidra to fall asleep faster and get deeper, more refreshing rest.


Manifesting Sleep Sheet

The cliff’s notes of our best hacks for falling and staying asleep


The Sleep Chapter

From Emily’s bestselling book, Stress Less, Accomplish More

Is Manifesting Sleep right for you?

​This course is for you if:​

  • Falling asleep or staying asleep is a challenge
  • You rarely feel rested after waking up
  • Insomnia and fatigue are affecting your performance.
  • You’re desperate for a good night’s sleep.

Manifesting Sleep is the SINGLE greatest tool in my life right now. No exaggeration. I’m sleeping deeply for the first time in my life. This is THE game-changer.

Devon Harris

Parenting Consultant and Coach

Peek Inside Manifesting Sleep

Manifesting Sleep

Learn to fall and stay asleep.

  • Teaching video to learn all about the neuroscience and psychology of sleep
  • Deep Sleep Download guided visualization for deep, sustained sleep
  • Manifesting Sleep Sheet that outlines our best hacks for falling and staying asleep
  • Sleep chapter from Emily’s bestselling book
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zivaONLINE and Emily’s in depth knowledge have lead to my sticking with meditating regularly. I am experiencing noticeable changes in my sleep and overall feeling of well being.

Joe D.
College Professor

I’ve always been someone that requires 8 hours of sleep every night. After Ziva, I’m functioning wonderfully off 6.5 hours with NO caffeine. It’s the best thing ever.

Opera Singer

After 20 years of debilitating middle-of-the-night insomnia, I slept through the night! My husband said, “You seem different.” I AM different.

Jennifer R.
Naturopathic Doctor

For years I couldn’t sleep without medication or intoxication. Now I started sleeping like a baby after 2 days of Ziva.

Grace T.

The Manifesting Sleep class worked like magic! I’m sleeping through the night and my husband’s snoring doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s working unbelievably well!

Lily Rey
Account Manager
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