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The practice you’ll commit to because you feel it working.

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Ziva founder Emily Fletcher

What makes Ziva so powerful?

Say it with us: we meditate to get good at life, not to get good at meditation.

Unlike apps that tether you to your phone or mindfulness practices designed for monks, Ziva is made for YOU: your busy mind and your busy life.

For the few minutes a day you invest in this practice, your body gets rest that is 2-5x deeper than sleep. This will give you a return on that time investment in every area of your life. Enjoy optimized health, more restful sleep and a surge in productivity.

Ziva meets you where you are, and gets you where you want to be.

How Ziva Works

Meditation is a skill like any other — it requires training. But this one you’ll enjoy.

in zivaONLINE

Learn the 3 M’s —mindfulness, meditation and manifesting of the Ziva Technique— with our most popular (and effective) training, zivaONLINE.

in The Ziva Technique

This is the thing you will commit to because you feel it working. By your zivaONLINE graduation, you’ll have the life-changing skill of meditation… for life.

Your Whole Dang Life

You’re about to enjoy your life a hell of a lot more. 80% of grads experience significant, sustained stress reduction by month one. 90% have reported markedly better sleep.

“Oh my gosh, I love Emily Fletcher! I had the pleasure of doing a session with her and found great benefits from Ziva. There is calmness that comes over you when you practice.

I am fascinated by how she explains the science of meditation and why we should do it. Who wouldn’t want to Stress Less and Accomplish More?

Robin Roberts

Host, Good Morning America

What Ziva’s All About

Get the Stress Less Guided Meditation

No matter how complex your stress may feel, there’s often a simple solution. This audio will melt stress and boost confidence in minutes. 

Think You Don’t Have Time to Meditate?

Tom Bilyeu, host of Impact Theory, learns how you get more time in your day by using Ziva to reduce stress, increase resilience and clarify your goals.

Good News! You Don’t Have to “Clear Your Mind”

Thoughts are not the enemy of meditation, effort is. Watch Good Morning America where Emily busts the 3 top meditation myths.







Test drive the Ziva Technique

Learn the first M: mindfulness. Dissolve your stress in the now by taking the first 3 days of our signature training, zivaONLINE — for free. 

“To say I was shocked by what Ziva has done for me is an understatement. I am calmer and less anxious now. I have so much more energy. After I meditate I feel refreshed like I’ve just had a long nap. 

For the few minutes I invest in Ziva, I get back three hours of productivity. I don’t have time not to meditate.”

Mark Hyman, MD

Head of Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic and
12-time NYT Bestselling Author

Expect great things

The Ziva Technique gives your brain and body deep rest that is 2-5x deeper than sleep,
healing you on a cellular level.

Tap each box below to learn more about what to expect

Become a better leader

According to Harvard Business Review, meditation helps you make better, more strategic decisions — plus it increases emotional intelligence.

Get into flow state

Less stress, sharper focus. Per Aetna’s CEO speaking to the NYT, employees who meditated gained over an hour of productivity each week.

Look and feel younger

Meditation can reverse your body age (based on stress, happiness, blood pressure, cognitive function, etc.) by up to eight years.

Get deeper sleep

Meditation is a tailored time to rid the body of sleep-stealing stress, a core cause of America’s insomnia epidemic — impacting 40.6 million American adults.

Decrease anxiety and depression

Meditation floods the brain with dopamine and serotonin, decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety (JAMA Internal Medicine).

Better sex (say what?!)

Too much cortisol prevents female orgasm. Too much adrenaline prevents male erection. Meditation reduces both.

“I prescribe Ziva to my patients to help them optimize their mental and physical health. It’s the easiest to adopt into a busy life that I have ever found (and I’ve tried a lot).”

Robin Berzin, MD

CEO, Parsley Health

Ziva was a huge part of my mental and spiritual training camp. I’m so much happier now than I used to be. Emily played a huge part in making that happen. It’s been awesome.

Larry Sanders

Former NBA Player

“I had terrible stage fright before. After Ziva, everything shifted. I rarely have performance anxiety anymore. Even during performing live for millions of people, I wasn’t nervous.”

Laura Benanti

Tony Award Winning Actress

“Emily is a deep scholar of meditation. She makes learning it incredibly playful, fun, and entertaining. Ziva is anything but boring, and it very well may change your life.”

Andrew Huberman, PhD

Neuroscientist, Stanford University


You know you should be meditating, so what’s stopping you?

Filled with fascinating real-life transformations, interactive exercises, and practical knowledge, Stress Less, Accomplish More introduces you to a revelatory daily practice and shows you how to make it work for your modern life.


“15 days of zivaONLINE is like 15 years of therapy.

I have never believed in something so much.”

Cheryl Burke

Star of Dancing with the Stars

If you’re not managing your stress,

your stress is managing you.

What’s new at Ziva

Ziva Kids Course

COMING SOON! We have a digital kids meditation course launching in 2021! Be the first to know when it’s released and get an exercise you can use with your child now.

Join the Community

Our private Facebook community of 25,000+ members is the best way to connect with Emily and the zivaTEAM. Join us for weekly Global Meditations and post your questions anytime.

Access our Self Care Center

Go from worrier to warrior with this robust free resource library. Includes: guided meditations, guest expert interviews and practices for kids.

What Ziva Grads Are Saying

Ziva Gives Back

Since March, we’ve donated $1 million dollars in zivaONLINE scholarships to medical workers on the frontline of the pandemic. 
Each year we donate 10% of proceeds to reversing climate change and in 2019 our donation planted 57,803 trees. 

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