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Results in Three Days or Less

I am a complete newbie to all of this, but after just 3 days I am loving the difference. I used the breathing technique last night to calm myself in an extremely irritating and stressful situation. Worked perfectly!

Sherri S.

I woke up very rested after the first day of the course and got to work early instead of rushing to make it barely on time.

Jason R.

I was completely skeptical about zivaONLINE. On Day 2, I got the family ready to go to the cafe for coffee. I then realized something: I was in this crazy oddly new space of being completely present and very aware. Actually seeing things that have always been there like my wife’s beautiful hair or the way my son so happily and presently gobbled down his breakfast. I was not in my own world or hooked to my phone, I left it at home. My mind was not anxiously racing. I was present and aware of everything around me.

Mikael O.