How Important is Meditating TWICE a Day?

More often than we’d like, we hear this question from: How important is it that I meditate twice a day?

Our answer: super duper important. And here are the two most important reasons why…

#1: Once-a-day meditation is great if you’re OK with the amount of stress in your body today. (You’re probably not, or you wouldn’t have enrolled in zivaONLINE in the first place.)

#2: Once-a-day meditation is a slippery slope to ‘nonce’ a day meditation. Also, it’s actually HARDER to commit to 1x a day than it is to commit to 2x a day meditation.

Find out why in this video. (Note that the video mentions 20-minute meditations, which is what our zivaLIVE grads practice. The zivaONLINE practice is 15 mins twice a day.)

While 2x is a key component of the Ziva Technique, remember that perfect is the enemy of good. If you slip up here or there, no sweat. Just commit to the next day.

Put meditation in your non-negotiable category. If you are finding this challenging, the not-so-secret secret is to schedule it into your calendar.

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