While filming “Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This,” I was blown away by the generosity of my guests — their time, their energy, their knowledge of potent healing modalities. What we couldn’t fit inside the podcast, we curated for you below — and you won’t find it anywhere else.

But first, watch this short video for more on my first “Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?” moment, what to expect at the VIP After Party and what’s next on your journey.

How to Reduce Stress, Overcome Anxiety & Improve Sleep

(in 15 days — or less!)

In Emily’s most beloved masterclass all about The Ziva Technique, you’ll discover:

  • The 3-step Ziva Technique practiced by more than 50,000 Ziva students around the world. 
  • The neuroscience behind how this technique can change your mood, your sleep, your productivity – and even your sex life – for the better
  • How to use 2% of your day to make the other 98% more amazing
  • They key to managing your stress so it’s not managing you
  • How this technique gives your body rest that is 5x deeper than sleep

Ready to become a Ziva student? Join here.


New masterclasses added frequently. Check back soon!

How to Make Your Younger Self Proud w/ Blu

Go with Blu on a guided visualization to reconnect with that child inside, nurturing the piece of you that is full of awe and wonder, so you can access your unique version of play and prayer. Discover how your soul loves to play. Plus, stick around for the end for an extra surprise from Blu!

Change Your Past to Change Your Future w/ Aubrey Marcus

Go on a ride with Aubrey Marcus as he takes us on a journey on how to shift our future self by shifting our past self. Learn how to heal your timelines and discover something called the God Bomb.

Seeing Your Body As a Temple with Layla Martin

Follow along with Layla as she bring you on a path to ecstatic liberation. This exercise is designed to help you see your body as a temple, loving all of it for its divine uniqueness. Together we will learn to embrace our darker emotions and release some of the shame and guilt around your pleasure.

Finding Your Unique Song w/ Vylana Marcus

Go on an experience with Vylana and Emily as they co-create a sound journey designed help you tune into the unique frequency of you. This combination of sound bowls, singing and guided visualization is a prayer to help you uncover the song that sings you.

Laser Coaching w/ Alyssa Nobriga

Watch Alyssa take Emily through a live laser coaching session, focusing on something that is real, raw and alive for her right now. While this is specific to Emily’s life, we encourage you to witness through the lens of something that is alive for you to create healing in your own body. Let’s dive in.

How to Turn Yourself On with Dr. Cat Meyer

The resplendent Dr. Cat Meyer will teach you how to take control of your own pleasure and sexual energy so you can stop outsourcing your turn on from others. Discover how to become the source of your own arousal as Dr. Cat breaks down the tools on exactly how to do that.

AI: Where to Begin w/ Jere Simpson

The brilliant Jere Simpson is giving us a mini masterclass on exactly where to begin when it comes to AI. Many of us are apprehensive of AI and how it could affect our lives. But AI isn’t going anywhere — it’s only going to permeate our lives more as time goes on. The more you can understand it, the safer you’ll feel interacting with it in an ethical way. This conversation is a must watch.

What’s Next For Me? w/ Sarah Jenks

Ordained Priestess Sarah Jenks brings us a masterclass where you will discover what’s next for you. If you are in any sort of a chapter change, or are looking for clarity on what you want to manifest, this is the perfect masterclass for you


Take a peek into how Emily and our extraordinary guests prepared for their interviews.
Watch and enjoy, then integrate these embodiment rituals into your every day. 
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