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Why Ziva?

We’ve trained tens of thousands of people to be mentally resilient. You’re next.


Ziva students who report a significant decrease in stress within 1 month of training. 

The Ziva Difference 

No one cares if you’re good at meditation. Everyone cares if you’re good at life. 

How kind are you? How present are you? How do you use your gifts to serve the world?

Ziva will help you move beyond dabbling with free apps and into a committed relationship with a technique that will change. your. life.

Invest 2% of your day

Get back hours in your day… without having to ‘clear your mind,’ burn incense or rely on an app.

Get better at life

Deeper sleep, less anxiety, more energy… oh yeah, and better sex. But this is only the start.

Return to who you are

Remember what you were put on this planet to do. And then do it.

“I used a mindfulness app for 5 years and loved it at first, but felt I needed to go deeper. I have had more life-changing breakthroughs since starting Ziva 1 month ago than I ever did with mindfulness apps.

Tara Beasley

4th Grade Teacher

What you’ll learn


To get rid of your stress in the now

Like when your boss yells at you or your mother-in-law decides to crash at your place.


To get rid of the stress from the past.

Yes that all nighter, that breakup and the pandemic have all left an imprint on your cells. (Not to mention the 7 generations of stress we can store in our nervous system).


To get clear on your dreams for the future

Consciously create a life you love using visualization techniques of the world’s top performers (like Olympians and Oprah).

Get started with zivaONLINE

A 15 day program to change your whole life

Over the course of 15 days, you’ll learn how to practice the 3 M’s of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting on your own, the neuroscience behind why it works and how to seamlessly incorporate Ziva into your everyday life.

Ziva is unequivocally one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

I now have a greater sense of relaxation and clarity.

Michael Trainer

Director, Global Poverty Project and co-creator Global Citizen Festival

What Sets Ziva Apart?

Tap each box below to learn more

The Ziva Technique

Most apps are only teaching mindfulness. Ziva teaches you three key skills: mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting to take with your for life.

Meditation as a skill (not another app)

Ziva gives you a practice you can do anywhere. No robes, WiFi or headphones required to tap into this brain-changing technique.

Global community

Join 50,000 Ziva graduates in 111 countries on monthly coaching calls with Emily. Get support, share successes, find a new, powerful community of peers.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our flagship meditation training, zivaONLINE, comes with a 30-day, moneyback guarantee. While most online courses have a 3% completion rate, ours is 70%, so we’re confident you’ll find value in every corner of our training.

Stellar support

Our “heavily meditated” Customer Success team is happy to answer your questions & support your journey to stressing less and living more.

Advanced custom training

After learning The Ziva Technique, you are eligible for our mastery trainings and retreats. No matter where you are on your meditation journey, we’ve got you.


Ziva graduates who have seen significant shifts like cured insomnia, optimized performance, more energy and less anxiety.

Ziva has been so critical in my life. Twice a day, never miss it. I love it.

Jim Kwik

Brain Expert & NY Times Best Selling author of Limitless

My goal with Ziva was to increase creativity and productivity. A few months into my practice I got that and so much more. I’m meeting all my daily goals and more.

Gio Benitez

Broadcast Journalist and Correspondent for ABC News

Ziva is totally different from any other kind of meditation I’ve tried. The busier you are the more you need it. You can do it with real-life happening around you.

Stacy London

Fashion Expert, Author, Producer

I couldn’t find a practice that rewarded me enough to really stick with it until Ziva. My life has transformed and Ziva is the reason why. It works, ya’ll. No way around it.

Sarah Yourgrau

Host & On-Camera Producer

What does it mean to get “better at life?”

Less stress, less anxiety and better sleep, for starters. Think of it this way… all of the negative things stress can cause, meditation can heal. zivaGRADS experience lower blood pressure, less brain fog, increased creativity, better sex (yes, really!), more energy, improved memory, increased fertility and so much more.

Mindfulness creates a state change

It’ll make you feel better now. Mindfulness is the art of bringing your awareness into the present moment. It’s perfect for calming down if you are having a freak out. Beautiful — but what about all the stress from our past?

Meditation creates a trait change

It changes you on a cellular level by healing the backlog of stress you’ve been storing in your nervous system. Scientists now know we store stress from at least 2 generations prior — so it’s not just your trauma you’re healing (plus you’ll stop the cycle of passing it down to future generations).

The better sex meditation is truly a great way for getting in the mood.


Before Ziva, I thought meditating was more like headspace. After, I understand it is a stress relieving tool which calms the nervous system.

Mel G.

Ziva makes me feel like I’m part of something because only people who are really looking to transform their lives are going to commit to this practice.

Heather Demetrios
Author and Creativity Coach

I’ve always been someone that requires 8 hours of sleep every night. After Ziva, I’m functioning wonderfully off 6.5 hours with NO caffeine. It’s the best thing ever.

Opera Singer

Ziva has changed my life! Meditation not only helped me with my migraines, but also my marriage and well-being. I one million percent recommend Ziva to anyone and everyone!

Christina Jolie Breza
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