Time to meet the very best version of you.

Meditation is only the beginning.


What would it be worth to not only commit, but look forward to your meditation each day? How much time and money is stress costing you? What if we told you you don’t even have to clear your mind?

Our core Ziva training will teach you to master The Ziva Technique — mastering the life-changing skills of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting to melt stress and supercharge your life.

Graduate in only 15 days, then meditate on your own — for life.

Or try the first 3 days free.

The Membership

For zivaONLINE grads only, The Membership will unlock consciousness-expanding, life-altering lessons from The Vedas, positive psychology, sacred sexuality plus traditional and non-traditional healing modalities alike.

This monthly subscription to live events, our A+ community, personal development tools and exclusive offers is for you if you’re ready for a life full of learning, healing and full-blown bliss.

Easy to learn. Effective as hell.

Dream Magnet

Unlock a new understanding of the most advanced portion of the Ziva Technique: Manifesting. Stop feeling like a manifesting failure and start remembering how to dream into what you truly want to create in this one precious life. In Dream Magnet, you’ll get clear on what you actually want, know deep down that your dreams are possible, and get THE recipe for exactly how to get there. Together, we’re going to turn your magnet on so your dreams start to move toward you easily, elegantly & effortlessly.

Manifesting Sleep

Insomnia makes life way harder than it needs to be. Learn sleep hygiene that starts from the moment you wake up, Ayurvedic times of day and our best guided audios for rejuvenating sleep. 

Time Billionaire

Are you in an abusive relationship with time? Time is your most valuable resource. So if we all know we have limited time here on Earth, why do we waste so much of it? In Time Billionaire, you’ll learn how to prioritize what matters, reframe how you think of time and get out of the “busy” trap once and for all.

“Learning this practice is the best decision I’ve ever made. My health, mental state, and circumstances continue to uplevel. ”

Elissa Weinzimmer

Entrepreneur and Vocal Coach


“This book will change your life.”
– Mark Hyman, M.D.

Stress Less, Accomplish More introduces you to a revelatory daily practice and shows you how to make it work for your modern life. Plus, it’s filled with fascinating real-life transformations, interactive exercises, and practical knowledge.

Inside the book you will find a link that gives you $650 worth of bonus trainings


zivaKIDS (Available Now!)

Designed for ages 4-14, zivaKIDS will change your child’s brain forever — wiring them for resilience, emotional intelligence and kindness.

This is meditation to help your kids thrive.  

Advanced Courses


zivaLIVE is our in-person course in the Ziva Technique. Learn face-to-face with Emily, get a personalized mantra (with way more power) and connect with Ziva meditators from around the globe. Available only a few times a year to zivaONLINE grads.

Advanced Technique

After taking zivaLIVE, the next step is getting your advanced technique. Receive an advanced mantra from Emily to begin integrating the waking and meditative states of consciousness. Take your life into technicolor. Available to zivaLIVE grads who have been meditating for 1+ year.

1-on-1 Coaching with Emily

Receive private coaching from Emily to laser in on a specific area you are looking to up-level. Learn emotional clearing tools to help resolve problems, refine your meditation practice and develop a clear path forward.

Moving into Mastery

Ziva’s most advanced offering, Moving into Mastery is a comprehensive year-long, online curriculum designed to help you master 8 key areas of your life: Money, Relationships, Brain, Body, Time, Purpose, Creativity and Performance. Available once a year to zivaONLINE grads.

What Ziva Grads Are Saying

I’ve noticed improvements in my stomach, a significant reduction in anxiety, more confidence, greater patience, empathy and a more optimistic outlook on life.

Ryan Healey
Digital Strategist

My finances have drastically improved. I feel better and have fewer digestive issues. My creativity is through the roof. Ziva has led to more self-respect and integrity.

Hannah D.
Yoga Teacher

Ziva Meditation has helped me reduce stress, control anxiety issues, eliminate migraines, TMJ pain and neck tension, and sleep better.

Jennifer Drago
Mom & Blogger

Before Ziva, I thought meditating was more like headspace. After, I understand it is a stress relieving tool which calms the nervous system.

Mel G.

Ziva makes me feel like I’m part of something because only people who are really looking to transform their lives are going to commit to this practice.

Heather Demetrios
Author and Creativity Coach
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