Stress Less, Accomplish More

How a 15 minute habit can change your whole life

What if you could invest 2% of your day to completely transform the other 98%?

  • Get THE most powerful tool to eradicate stress from your brain and body.
  • Find out why you DON’T have to clear your mind to meditate.
  • Discover the little known secret to make MORE TIME by doing less.
  • Do this ONE thing before breakfast to triple your productivity.

What’s Inside the Book


Stress Less, Accomplish More‘s ranking out of all books on Amazon in its debut week

“This book will change your life. Emily is my meditation teacher; to say I was shocked by what Ziva Meditation did for me is an understatement. After 2 months, I felt happier, calmer, and less anxious.”

Dr. Mark Hyman

Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine

“I truly hope people read and adopt the practice Emily teaches so elegantly in Stress Less, Accomplish More. The less stress you have in your life, the less stress you will pass on to your children.”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Bestselling author of The Conscious Parent

“I recognize the importance of meditation, but I have struggled in my commitment. Stress Less, Accomplish More has shown me a way to meditate that’s simple, powerful and fail proof.”

Sara Haines

Co-host of GMA’s Strahan, Sara and Keke

“I’ve read many books on meditation over the last 10 years. Stress Less, Accomplish More blows them all out of the water. It’s the best meditation book I’ve ever read. It inspired me to commit every day.”

Brandon Carter

Head of Bro Laboratories

What’s inside Stress Less, Accomplish More?

Tap each box to learn more

Learn the Z Technique

A unique trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting you can do on your own for life.

Discover modern neuroscience

Learn how stress is making us stupid, sick and slow (and how meditation can help).

Dive into ancient philosophy

Uncover where the technique comes from and how to apply it to your busy, modern life.

Get 9 case studies

All from Ziva students who’ve seen radical shifts in their performance, income, sleep, fertility and health.

Experience 4 guided visualizations

Use them while reading the book and anytime after.

Challenge yourself

Complete 5 “eyes open” exercises including a stress survey so you can accurately gauge where you are starting (and celebrate your success.)

Understand the effects of stress

Learn how it affects your health (Ch. 5), sex life (Ch. 11), sleep (Ch. 4), how you age (Ch. 6) and your parking karma (Ch. 9).

Get practical tips

You’ll make this a non-negotiable part of your daily life.


Copies of Stress Less, Accomplish More sold and translated into 12 languages.

According to Harvard Medical School, stress is responsible for 90% of doctors’s visits

Bonus materials when you order

Order the book today and get these bonus stress relieving tools ($625 value!).

Preview zivaONLINE, our online training

Get unlimited access to to the first 3 days of our flagship meditation training, zivaONLINE. Dive into 3 training videos + a guided audio for deep sleep.

Emily’s guide for optimal performance

Get a morning routine to prime the brain and body, Emily’s daily supplements, our favorite superfood smoothie recipe and time-saving productivity hacks.

Exclusive audios from all 9 exercises from the book

Download or stream guided audios to practice breathwork, manifesting, intimacy, healing and confidence.

How to claim your Stress Less Bonuses


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We don’t meditate to get good at meditation, we meditate to get good at life.

Emily Fletcher

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