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zivaONLINE is for the 99% of us who need less stress, less anxiety, better sleep and more joy in our lives.
Are you ready to see drastic shifts in 15 days or less?

Maybe you’ve dabbled in meditation before. Maybe you even have an app on your phone. So do 100 million other people, yet stress worldwide is through the roof. It’s not working.

zivaONLINE is not an app. It is an enlightening, entertaining, consciousness-expanding experience.

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“I am shocked by what Ziva has done for me. I am calmer, less anxious and have so much more energy now. After I meditate I feel refreshed like I’ve had a long nap.

For the few minutes I invest in Ziva, I get back three hours of productivity. 

I don’t have time not to meditate.”

Mark Hyman, MD

12-time NYT Bestselling Author and
Head of Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic and

Emily is a deep scholar of meditation. She makes learning it incredibly playful, fun, and entertaining. Ziva is anything but boring, and it very well may change your life.

Andrew Huberman, PhD

Neuroscientist, Stanford University

Emily is the real deal. She is heart, soul, beauty, connection, riveting intelligence, deep humanity – and hands down – the most inspiring, clear teacher of meditation that I have ever experienced.

Mama Gena

Bestselling Author and CEO of CEO of The School of Womanly Arts

Ziva is totally different from any other kind of meditation I’ve tried. You can do it on the subway, in a car, alone, with people, with noise, with real-life happening around you.

Stacy London

Fashion Expert, Author, Producer

I’ve found great benefits from Ziva. I am fascinated by how Emily explains the science of meditation and why we should do it. Who wouldn’t want to Stress Less and Accomplish More?”

Robin Roberts

Host, Good Morning America

What’s Included in zivaONLINE

Are you ready to see how good life can get?


Lifetime Access to this POWERFUL training
in the Ziva Technique

For the 15 days of zivaONLINE, you’ll get an email (before you even wake up!) leading you to the day’s training video inside the private members only area.

During the course, you’ll learn how to practice The 3 M’s: Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifesting, plus the science and philosophy behind each. Once you learn The Ziva Technique, you’ll never need another meditation training again This technique will change you body, mind and soul. Your brain will work better, your sleep will be deeper, your anxiety and stress will melt away. It’s not magic, it’s meditation.


Support to Stay Committed

Timed perfectly to your Ziva Meditation journey, you’ll get impactful content sent straight to your inbox for 3 months after you graduate from zivaONLINE.

Powerful Audio Exercises

Emily created 4 guided visualizations to enhance your practice anywhere, anytime: one for sleep, one for emotional catharssis, one for performance, and one for travel.

  • Emily’s favorite supplemental lessons, TED Talks and suggested viewing
  • Three fabulous audio bonuses to solidify and illustrate the cosmic lessons inside the course
  • The LOVE BOMB audio visualization for sending love to yourself, someone you love or the entire planet
  • A fool proof cheat sheet and meditation calendar to keep you on track
  • The zivaONLINE syllabus to follow along with so you never miss a lesson (or a bonus!)
  • A certificate of completion at graduation

($2,997 value)


Access to Emily, the Ziva Team and a Worldwide Network of Meditators Like You

As a zivaONLINE student, you’ll get exclusive, lifetime access to our private online community. Our well-trained zivaTEAM (all longtime Ziva meditators), 12,000+ Ziva graduates and Emily are there to answer your questions and support you on your journey on the DAILY.

Questions? We’ve got answers. Challenges? We’ve got opportunities. Successes? We’ve got (virtual) champagne. Our team will be on your Ziva journey with you during the course, after you graduate, and there to support you for years after. Once you enroll, you’re family for life.

Plus, we’ll share videos, tips and even host livestreams to help you get the most out of your journey.

($1,947 value)


Four Life-changing Audio Visualizations

Because sometimes you need that little bit of extra support. With zivaONLINE, you also get four powerful audio exercises that you can download and keep with you for life. They’re called zivaSLEEPS, zivaPERFORMANCE, zivaTRAVELS, and zivaRELEASE.

zivaSLEEPS is a great supplement for deep, restful sleep — it’s so good, I dare you to hear the end of it (you won’t, you’ll be sleeping). zivaTRAVELS helps with jet lag, and gives you beautiful guidance so you show up to your destination refreshed and glowing. And zivaRELEASE is designed to help you through the emotional or physical detox that can happen as you begin to heal your nervous system at the root. And zivaPERFORMANCE you can use anytime you want to show up as the most amazing version of you — like a date or interview.

($156 value)


Three Months of Custom Lessons and Follow Up

The fun, learning and support continue long after you graduate from zivaONLINE. After teaching more than 50,000 people the Ziva Technique, we’ve perfected the timing of curated advanced teachings sent straight to your inbox. If you believe that we meditate to get good at life, not to get good at meditation, then this advanced support in your inbox at the perfect time is invaluable. You’ll get exclusive access to lessons like:

  • How to effectively process difficult emotions
  • The 4 secrets to committing to healthy habits
  • How to INVEST your time vs. SPEND your time (and how to know the difference)
  • Making Ziva work for you — no matter your schedule or stage of life
  • Exclusive invites to live events with Emily

($497 value)


One Month Free of The Membership

The Ziva Technique is the hardware upgrade you need to eradicate stress on the cellular level. The Membership is the software upgrade you need to truly commit to a full-spectrum life. When you enroll in zivaONLINE, you’re automatically enrolled in The Membership — a $47/month subscription. But with zivaONLINE, you get to try out your first month entirely free. If you don’t love it, cancel anytime.

Each month you’ll have access to:

  • Live monthly global meditation and group coaching
  • Rituals, exercises & journal prompts
  • Monthly theme all teachings and content will focus on
  • Access to all Ziva Workshops, including the the full archive of Workshop recordings
  • Unlimited access to our full library of advanced content for meditators
  • Early Bird pricing for all advanced Ziva courses
  • Affirmations you can use as phone backgrounds or social posts

($997 value)

Enroll today to ALSO get:


How to Be a Time Billionaire

Time Billionaire will fundamentally change your relationship with time – because most people are in an abusive relationship with it. This course will give you:

  • A strategy and a plan to EASILY commit to your twice a day Ziva practice 
  • You’ll Get honest with yourself about where you say you want to be spending your time vs. where you are actually spending it. 
  • Discover the power of saying no (and why it can be even more valuable than saying yes)
  • Learn a specific way to prioritize the most important things in your day
  • And create a new decision-making framework based on the deep knowing that TIME is your most valuable resource

Your Price: $497
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Total zivaONLINE Value: $6,094

YOUR PRICE: only $399

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30-day money-back guarantee

Put zivaONLINE to the test! Use our program 100% risk-free for 30 days from purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with zivaONLINE, simply send us a request for a refund of your course fee.*

*If you opt for a payment plan, the finance fee is non-refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions

With your zivaONLINE Enrollment,
get 1 month free of The Membership

If your daily Ziva Technique practice is systematically cleaning up and optimizing your brain and body,
The Membership is the most cutting-edge “software” on the planet.

As a global community, we’ll dive into learning, healing and transforming TOGETHER.
Each month, Emily will unlock consciousness-expanding, life-altering lessons she’s learned from:

The Vedas

Therapy & Coaching



Sacred Sexuality

The Vedas

Therapy &



Sacred Sexuality

Build Connection

Join this global movement of folks stepping into the best and brightest version of themselves. Find connection with thousands of Ziva Meditators from around the world who are committed to less stress & more joy.

Expand Your Consciousness

Get advanced teachings that will transform how you see yourself and how you move through the world. And then put what you learn to good use as our global community uplevels the collective.

Find the Answers

What are your biggest questions about the messiness of being human? All month long, get exclusive coaching & support from Emily and our Ziva Guides. Ask your burning questions about your practice, the Vedas or your own life.

Enjoy your first month free, our gift to you! ($47 value!)

When you enroll in zivaONLINE, you automatically get enrolled in the Membership. $47 monthly fee begins one month from purchase.
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