Advanced Technique
It’s time to kick things into high gear

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Advanced Technique:
It’s time to kick things into high gear

Only for graduates of zivaLIVE
Join us in NYC March 1-3, 2024

(spots are limited!)

Ready to take your practice to a whole new level?

As a zivaLIVE Grad, you may be asking yourself, “What’s next?”
If that’s you, there is a way to take your Ziva practice to the next step. It’s called your Advanced Technique, and it takes your practice to the next level.

Food tastes better. The sky is more blue. And the depth and speed of how you expel stress from your nervous system kicks into high gear.

It’s all about the mantra.

The new, upgraded mantra you’ll receive when you get your Advanced Technique is expertly designed to meld together your waking and meditative states. What this means is, you’ll feel both aware of what’s going on AND deeply fulfilled and relaxed. Not only during your meditations, but throughout the rest of your life.

And THIS is where the magic happens. Imagine moving through your daily life, your waking state, with a deep knowing that everything is OK and bringing that self assured, quiet confidence to any challenges or stresses that come your way.

Who is eligible for Advanced Technique?
zivaLIVE grads are eligible to upgrade after meditating with a zivaLIVE mantra for approximately one year. If you’re ready to shift your practice, your healing and your life into high gear, you’re ready for this next step.

I already have my Advanced Technique…what’s next?
There are multiple levels of Advanced Techniques, each with a more nuanced and more advanced mantra. As you ascend up the Advanced Technique path, you radically expand your consciousness as your meditative and waking states become more and more blended.

Advanced Technique Schedule

Happening in the Ziva virtual classroom so you can supercharge your practice without ever leaving your home!

Thursday, Apr 27
10a to 10:45a ET
 | Welcome, Intro and Puja Ceremony
Plus after you enroll, you’ll choose a time to receive your new mantra

Saturday, Apr 29
3p to 5p
Day 2 Lecture
Plus after you enroll, you’ll choose a time to check your new mantra.

Sunday, Apr 30
3p to 5
p ET
Day 3 Lecture

Monday, May 1
10a to 12p ET | Day 4: Graduation Day!
12:15 to 1p ET | Advanced Technique Follow Up

How to know if you’re ready for your Advanced Technique

You’ve been meditating 2x/day for approximately one year.

You want to blend your waking and meditative states of consciousness.

You’re ready to shift your life into full blown technicolor.

What to Expect:

Join us for all 3 days of the zivaLIVE course to refresh your knowledge of the practice and connect with the community. You’ll be shocked to re-learn what you forgot and how powerful coming together in community can be!

Day 1
Get your new mantra

Witness the puja ceremony and receive your advanced mantra. Connect with an exclusive group of advanced meditators, learn to use your mantra and how your practice will change moving forward.

Day 2
Healing and integration

Attend an exclusive Advanced Technique integration session with Emily.

***NEW*** Then, experience a powerful breathwork ceremony that will unlock trapped emotions. It will feel as profound as a medicine journey, without the drugs.

Day 3
Uplevel your consciousness

Get ready to watch your life change all over again as you continue to peel back deeper layers and take your consciousness to another level.

“I started my Ziva journey with Emily’s book in 2019. Since then, I’ve taken zivaONLINE and zivaLIVE, all before receiving my Advanced Technique. Each time I’ve upgraded my practice, I’m shocked by the new levels of depth available to me. Intellectually it’s hard to understand how this works, but viscerally there is no question that the mantra profoundly impacts the practice.

Since getting my Advanced Technique, I feel more aligned with my true self and clearer on my purpose. My intuition is stronger, my thoughts are more clear and I feel like I can understand myself on a much deeper level.

Michelle P.
Director of Communication

Register for Advanced Technique

Join us live in NYC
March 1-3


Payment plan available at checkout

  • Become initiated as an advanced meditator
  • Receive your new personalized, upgraded mantra
  • Exclusive group integration session with Emily on what this means for your practice, and your life
  • *NEW* Experience a powerful breathwork and sound healing ceremony that will unlock trapped emotions and feel as profound as a medicine journey, without the drugs
  • A lifetime of deep healing on a cellular level as you shift your stress detox practice into high gear
  • Discover the magic of integrating waking and bliss states — during your meditations and throughout the rest of your life

I’m on my third mantra with Ziva and it is quite amazing how things have shifted for me with each mantra. I am forever grateful to Ziva and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The money I have saved just on pot and alcohol over the last 4 years is incredible. Thousands of dollars.” – Barbara

“Getting my Advanced Technique was game changing for me. I’ve been meditating for almost 3 years now and the advanced technique took my meditation game to next level. I’m calmer, more alert and can think more clearly.” – Sarah

“I had been considering my Advanced Technique for a few years, and I finally took the plunge. Now I wish I hadn’t waited so long! It feels like my life is more rich — like I can the world more clearly see without the filter of stress. I thought I had no stress after taking zivaLIVE, but now I truly know what bliss feels like!” – Jessie

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