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Ricki Prosper

I’ve become so creative. I haven’t been motivated in a long time, but since starting zivaONLINE I’ve come up with so many ideas and have …

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Gio Benitez

My goal entering Ziva was to increase creativity and productivity. Just a few months into my practice I got that and so much more. I’m …

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Danny Pritchard

After doing zivaONLINE, I have been more creative, produced better quality work and my business is going well.

Mari Carmen Pizarro

My creativity and problem solving capabilities increase dramatically when I meditate consistently. Answers to my business challenges come quick and clear to me.

Hannah D.

My finances have drastically improved. I feel better and have fewer digestive issues. My creativity is through the roof. Ziva has led to more self-respect …

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Sarah H.

I was inspired to write again for the first time in years. Thank you so much for helping me get my creative flow back!

Zoe C.

I credit my brilliant creativity to zivaONLINE.

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