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Before meditation, I self-identified as an alcoholic, binge drinking during stressful times. Now I only have a couple glasses of wine a month.

Amy O.

Ziva is one of the single greatest tools that I have found to heal, center myself and preserve my sanity in these intense, stressful times.

Ashley Peoples

I cannot recommend Ziva enough to anyone who wants to stop feeling tired, stressed or anxious. Learning how to meditate has transformed my mental, physical …

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Alex Ellis

Ziva Meditation is nature’s Xanax. The chatter in my brain is much quieter and my dreams have been very vivid! Truly feel like it’s the …

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Genevieve D.

Ziva supports me in ways I never could’ve imagined. In the wake of tragedy I’ve been able to process my stress and remain open to …

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Noel C.

Since Ziva, I’ve been sleeping better, exercising more, and feeling less stressed out. I wake up feeling rested and am calmer about the unexpected. Life …

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Molly M.

The biggest benefit I’ve had is a reduction in anxiety. I was having anxiety attacks every day and after one day of Ziva, my resting …

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Suzanne B.

Meditation has replaced my glass of wine and I don’t miss it! It has improved my ability to cope with this crisis, remain calmer and …

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Juqing Liang

Ziva works, it lowered our stress levels and blood pressure! My friend and I are medical workers, so our stress levels were very high due …

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