Ziva vs Others

Jared Matthew Weiss

Emily’s unique blend of ancient knowledge, neurological and technological knowledge is mind-blowing. I can say, with absolute certainty, that Ziva changed my life.

Melissa Piano

Before Ziva, the first word that came to mind to define meditation was ‘strict’. After, my definition is SO different. Ziva is gentle and thoughts …

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Antonio Neves

Emily’s presence on stage is powerful and she’s a masterful storyteller. Unlike most speakers, she doesn’t make it about her. Instead, she makes it about …

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Mini A.

I feel stronger, calmer and happier. I had inadvertently dropped my meditation practice in the past few years, but I’m glad I came across Ziva. …

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Todd Herman

Emily sits at the top of my referral list because her system works. She takes the benefits of meditation to a new level, while not …

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Max Lugavere

I spent years reading about the benefits of meditation, but always felt discouraged by my lack of success. Emily showed me the way and I’m …

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Sara Haines

I recognize the importance of meditation, but I’ve always struggled in my commitment and consistency. In her book, Emily showed me a way to meditate …

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Dave Asprey

Ziva can get you out of your own way to uncover the power that has been inside you. You can triple your productivity, make better …

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Danielle Duboise

Emily is a true master. Every time I meditate with her I go so deep and I feel amazing afterwards.

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