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Manifesting Sleep

Lily Rey

The Manifesting Sleep class worked like magic! I’m sleeping through the night and my husband’s snoring doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s working unbelievably well!

Samantha D.

I can honestly say I’ve never slept better! Ziva is a game changer. I didn’t think I had sleep issues but purchased Manifesting Sleep anyways …

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Jessica K.

I want to say how much I am enjoying the Manifesting Sleep course. I still don’t know what is at the end because I am …

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Devon Harris

Manifesting Sleep is the SINGLE greatest tool in my life right now. No exaggeration. I’m sleeping deeply for the first time in my life. This …

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Courtney M.

I work with many patients with chronic pain and l have been recommending your sleep course. It’s working! The sleep is so healing.

Emma Bowen

When I listen to Manifesting Sleep I never get to the end. I get about 7 mins in and I’m already asleep!

Anonymous 3

I recommend all aspects of Manifesting Sleep. My insomnia issues are severe and have been studied by three Neurologists that haven’t been able to do …

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