Alex Ellis

Ziva Meditation is nature’s Xanax. The chatter in my brain is much quieter and my dreams have been very vivid! Truly feel like it’s the …

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Gio Benitez

My goal entering Ziva was to increase creativity and productivity. Just a few months into my practice I got that and so much more. I’m …

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Mark Krassner

I’m more calm, present and joyful since learning at Ziva. I highly recommend Emily’s training to both beginners and seasoned meditators.

Noel C.

Since Ziva, I’ve been sleeping better, exercising more, and feeling less stressed out. I wake up feeling rested and am calmer about the unexpected. Life …

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Mari Carmen Pizarro

My creativity and problem solving capabilities increase dramatically when I meditate consistently. Answers to my business challenges come quick and clear to me.

Adriana R.

I don’t get stomach aches and don’t grind my teeth anymore. I’m calmer and feel more compassion than anger. My memory has improved. My mind …

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Ryan Healey

I’ve noticed improvements in my stomach, a significant reduction in anxiety, more confidence, greater patience, empathy and a more optimistic outlook on life.

Hannah D.

My finances have drastically improved. I feel better and have fewer digestive issues. My creativity is through the roof. Ziva has led to more self-respect …

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Jennifer Drago

Ziva Meditation has helped me reduce stress, control anxiety issues, eliminate migraines, TMJ pain and neck tension, and sleep better.

Anonymous 18

The better sex meditation is truly a great way for getting in the mood.

Anonymous 15

I’ve always been someone that requires 8 hours of sleep every night. After Ziva, I’m functioning wonderfully off 6.5 hours with NO caffeine. It’s the …

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