Emily Fletcher on Almost30 Podcast:
Unpacking the Real Science of Meditation

Emily discusses the cognitive benefits of meditation.

At this point, a LOT of people have tried meditation apps. Maybe you’re one of them.

Maybe you feel desperate to alleviate the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that makes life feel so much harder than it has to be, so you downloaded one onto your phone, did it for a few days and then gradually let it fall away from your routine.

I’m going to bet there was one reason in particular that made it hard to commit…

You couldn’t clear your mind.

So many people come to me thinking that they need to be able to magically quiet their mind.

But the mind thinks involuntarily, just like the heart beats involuntarily.

For real.

Trying to give your brain a command to shut up is as impactful as trying to give your heart a command to stop beating.

And accepting this simple fact is the KEY to a successful meditation practice. Now, this is just ONE of many truth bombs I shared when I was a guest on the Almost30 Podcast. We talked about things like:

  • How I broke down when I was on Broadway, and the breakthrough in India that brought me to where my life is now
  • How your meditation practice benefits your whole body (not just your mind)
  • Why meditation and manifestation are SO MUCH more powerful together
  • Toxic positivity and why our inability to surrender to our feelings is creating a health crisis

You can watch here.

When I hear people say that meditation just isn’t for them, it makes me sad because I know they’re missing out on a world of benefits all because they likely were dabbling with a practice that wasn’t made for them — someone with a busy mind and a busy life.

So if you’ve ever felt like this, I want you to know — you’re not a meditation failure. You likely just haven’t found the right technique for you.

If you’re interested in the technique that I teach — a trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting to melt stress and supercharge your life — you can do so in zivaONLINE. Learn more about it here.

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