Finish Strong, Start Stronger

Our favorite year-end manifesting exercise is now closed!
We’ll be hosting it again in December 2020.
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In the meantime...

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Manifesting Sleep

Our newest course

Over 40 million Americans have trouble sleeping at night. In Manifesting Sleep you'll get our best tips and tricks to fall asleep and stay asleep, whether you already have a meditation practice or not.

Stress Less, Accomplish More

Emily's bestselling book

Learn how to use 2% of your day to completely transform the other 98% in Emily's bestselling book, Stress Less, Accomplish More (out in paperback Feb 18!).

Ziva vs. Apps

How is Ziva different?

 In this video, Emily explains the difference between The Ziva Technique and some of the most common meditation apps out there. Spoiler alert: Ziva is all about self-sufficiency.

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