Finish Strong, Start Stronger

Join our favorite year-end manifesting exercise. Celebrate your 2019 & get clear on your goals for the year ahead.


What’s Included in Finish Strong, Start Stronger:

  • Finish Strong, Start Stronger Video: Walk through the highlight reel of your 2019. We’ll celebrate your achievements in every area of your life before manifesting all the goodness to come in 2020.
  • Design Your Dream Worksheet: This worksheet works alongside the Finish Strong, Start Stronger Video. Print it out and keep it near you to fill out while walking through the exercise video. This will help you reflect on all the amazing things you’ve done while getting you clear on what you’re looking to manifest in the year ahead.
  • Vision Board Checklist: Carve out some time to create a vision board — this is the complete checklist of everything you need. We do vision boarding a little different at Ziva and it’s something we’ll cover in a special livestream on Jan 1 over in the zivaTRIBE Facebook Group.

Love for Finish Strong, Start Stronger:

“I’ve done other year-end exercises, but Finish Strong, Start Stronger is my favorite. I LOVE it because it is so simple, powerful and FUN. I do Finish Strong, Start Stronger every year!”

Liza F.

“I just finished Finish Strong, Start Stronger and I really love the straightforward guidance and elegant way Emily helped me visualize myself over the course of the New Year. Thank you for bringing so much clarity and excitement to my vision for this year!!!”

Gaelle B.

“My husband and I just did Finish Strong, Start Stronger together! Really fun to see the similarities and differences in our intentions for the coming year. My word is ENERGY. His is IMPROVEMENT. It’s even more powerful to think about closing out a decade and what the next decade will bring. Here we go!”

Sara B.

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