Experience the power of forgiveness.

Download this profound guided exercise to learn to forgive someone who has hurt you, a public figure and most importantly, yourself.

Get the Power of Forgiveness

Let's talk benefits:

  • Get clear about who you want to forgive, what you want to forgive them for, and how to “cut the cord.”
  • Take your energy back from the event or person and use it to fuel your goals.
  • Imagine them at 3 years old and 93 years old to viscerally understand that we are all doing the best we can with the tools we have.

What you'll get:

Power of Forgiveness Guided Audio

A 15-minute guided audio to help you with one of the most difficult, but rewarding things you can do: forgive.

Your Energy Back

Holding on to anger and resentment isn’t affecting anyone negatively but you. It’s been proven to cause emotional distress, poor sleep, depression and stress. 

This forgiveness exercise is very powerful. I didn't realize how strong the grudges I've been holding are affecting me. What a challenging yet beautiful way to work through forgiveness. So grateful for this new addition that is making me better at life!

Natasha Wilson
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