Ziva Gives Back

Our mission is to help people live a full spectrum life, by giving them tools to transmute stress to joy, to get in coherence with themselves and others – all so we can solve the world’s most pressing challenges. And have a great time doing it. 

How Do We Help?

Each year at Ziva, we donate 10% of our profits.
In 2023, we’ve given to two worthy causes also on a mission to heal the collective:

The Nature Conservancy

Guided by science and equity, TNC investigates paths to solve climate change and biodiversity loss and make a major difference on a global scale by 2030.

Together Rising

Founded by Glennon Doyle, Together Rising transforms collective heartbreak into effective action by deploying resources and support to individuals who need them most.

More Give Back Initiatives

Creating Resilience

Ziva donated $1 million in meditation training to frontline health workers during the Covid pandemic.

Healing Trauma

We offer zivaONLINE free of charge to active duty servicemen and women, veterans, police officers and fire fighters.

Serving the Community

If you are experiencing financial hardship you can apply for a scholarship to zivaONLINE or zivaKIDS. 

Interested in one of our scholarship programs?

Email info@zivameditation.com for more info.

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