How to Save the World (In 2 Simple Steps!)

How are you using your unique gifts to save the world?

At Ziva, our mission is to give people the tools to transmute their stress to joy, so you can get into coherence with yourself and others all while solving the world’s biggest problems… and have a great time doing it.

It’s a big goal, but the fact that you are in the Ziva world lets me know that you have a deep desire to leave this planet (and yourself) better than you found it.

This idea is so simple to understand, but trickier to put into action.

Awhile back, I was invited to speak at a major conference in Greece. It’s called A-fest and I knew that if I nailed it, it had the potential to reach millions of people. So I dug deep and asked myself, “What am I most passionate about right now? What do I think needs our collective attention now?”

The result was a talk called “How to Save the World”

A lot has changed since the time I gave this speech… and yet this talk still remains relevant.

So what are we saving the world from? In my humble opinion, it’s “the 3 Big Scaries” — climate change, terrorism, and the fact that much of our food isn’t food anymore.

While the title of this talk is meant to be a bit provocative, the subject matter is 100% sincere. If you’ve found yourself in a state of overwhelm, frustration or even panic based on current political, social or environmental issues, see if this will help.

As you watch the video, I encourage you to ask yourself, “How am I using my gifts to best serve the world?”

Because the best way we know of to hack your happiness is by being of service, by contributing to making this world a better place when you leave it than when you found it.

The main takeaway from this video is this: sometimes seemingly small actions have can have a huge impact on the world around you. Your daily habits shape your life and your community in ways you may not even understand. And as you eradicate your stress at the root, it becomes so much easier to determine you unique role on this planet.

As you heal yourself, you heal the collective.

The fastest way to heal in my opinion is through the practice I teach in zivaONLINE, a 15 day training in mindfulness, meditation and manifesting. Check it out here.

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