Meditation to help kids thrive

zivaKIDS is the most powerful and entertaining meditation training available for kids.

The skills children learn will change their brains forever, wiring them for resilience, emotional intelligence and kindness. After they learn, they can use these tools on their own — no screens required.

Cultivate emotional resilience

Help your child recognize and process their emotions now — plus give them to tools to handle them in the moment.

Practice anywhere, anytime

During a test, at the doctors, before a sports game — your child will trust that they can do hard things on their own.

Raise the happiest kid you know

Teach them young that their bliss and fulfillment lives inside of them… and show them how to access it.

How it Works


Buy zivaKIDS for a kid you love

Choose the size of the family when you add the course to your cart. Each child will get a unique account to track their progress.


Customize your gift

You’ll have the chance to customize a message to the gift recipient.


Let Them Choose PLAY or GROW

When they receive their gift, we’ll send instructions on how to register their children for either PLAY (suggested ages 4-8) or GROW (suggested ages 9-14).


Watch your zivaKIDS thrive

zivaKIDS will teach them to tap into their bravery, creativity and kindness. This is a gift that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Peek inside zivaKIDS

zivaKIDS is more valuable than anything else you could give your kids. It will teach presence, connection, attunement, empathy… This is what your kids needs from you.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Clinical Psychologist, NYT Bestselling Author

We appreciate now having a word to call out the negative feelings: “stormies.” It reminds the kids that it is something that will pass and that they know tools to help them.

Jen Brown

Naturopathic Doctor

zivaKIDS will help your kids be better at whatever they love — lacrosse, violin, art, because it’s not just the mindset that this helps, it’s the physiological readiness to be your best.

Dr. Elisa Song

Holistic Pediatrician

Personally, I have seen the life-changing benefits of meditation and I don’t know of another program like this for kids.

Becky Alphonso

Family Visitor for Public Health

Choose Your zivaKIDS Gift

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Family with 2 Kids

Family with 3 Kids

Family with 4+ Kids

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zivaKIDS isn’t just another fluffy mindfulness activity that entertains the kids. It’s solidly backed by science and taught in a way that truly speaks to kids.

Kelly Roberts, Teacher

I am so obsessed with zivaKIDS! Hailey loves it and Z Bunny. Emily is the modern day Mr. Rogers!

Mandy Borys, Consulting Executive

As a mom who believes in meditation for adults, it’s hard to find resources to teach kids in a way that makes sense to them. Ziva does the work, makes it fun and my kids love it!

Shannon McCormick, Stay At Home Mom

The Workbook is terrific and I see my 12 year old daughter really digesting the lessons and personalizing the experience through her writing and artwork.

Gil Pryor, Accountant

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